t11's biggest release - This Week!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by trikuxabi, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. Not much Kashish. Long time no talk. ;)
  2. Not even if it has metallic ink?
  3. It's 11:00...
  4. I can't help but to reminisce back to a year ago when they remodeled the website, and everyone thought the big "secret" was the wire. I guess some of you guys haven't truly let go of that yet...
  5. I IZ RAGING it is 11:02 and still no announcement omfgwtfbbq
  6. has to be .... everything does
  7. I'm sooo anxious come on!!!! t11 show us!!!!
  8. wow i didn't see that one coming >.>
  9. Wow, it IS THE WIRE.
  10. Can anyone explain what the WIRE is? thanks guys
  11. SHocked face
  12. Let me guess...

    Well, these cards are going to be amazing!
  13. Who would have thought that the wire was just a deck of cards this whole time!

    ~Nate Hickey

    P.S. Casey Rudd you rock =)
  14. Correction. Deck of cards with metallic ink!

    P.S. Casey Rudd loves me more.
  15. A brand new deck with a great rough and smooth gimmick. It's going to be amazing! Been waiting for these forever.
  16. Dang...it's finally ACTUALLY coming, whatever the wire is. I'm excited!
  17. sorry sabor casey loves me and i cant wait for the new deck !
  18. oooo, so revolutionary! Im a little mad that they hyped up today just to show us something that says, THE WIRE.
  19. "Nothing you've heard of before" ... Except we've been hearing about this for three years.

    Is it really just The Wire? Seriously? I really hope there's more information than this, as this is just a let down.

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