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  1. http://www.smproductionz.com/index.php/instant-download/tangible-fire-by-g.html

    Ad Copy: You state that some people are born with the uncanny ability to touch the untouchables. To show them, you proceed to demonstrate this with a lighter. Just when your audience finds out this is just a gag, you surprise them by actually pick up the flame from the lighter holding at your fingertip and casually putting it back.

    Even though it's pretty simple to figure out as a magician, I like owning the instructions anyway for the personal tidbits the creator teaches.


    This is a very hard bit of magic to classify in my opinion. It's so... off the wall. I mean really, watch the demo. Sure you know how the majority of it was done. (I say majority because there was a part of it that I was unaware when setting up the gimmick. I thought I had it all figured out but was wrong.) The trick just looks good. I mean, you pick up the fire from a lighter and put it back on the lighter with no funny moves. It looks like real magic to me. In essence, it's very simple but you don't need to pass this by simply because you know how it's done.

    Teaching: There are no spoken words during the explanation. There are words at the bottom of the video as he guides you with his actions. This may put some of you off but the explanation is very easy to follow.

    Quality: The video quality was very good. It was my first purchase from SMProductionz and it won't be my last.

    Video length: I do wish G had spent more time explaining the trick as the video length was under 2 minutes. For some reason, I really enjoy trick history, performance tales, and the likes.

    That's all I have to really say about the effect. I really, really enjoy the premise of it. I will certainly be doing this when I get the "gimmick". Unfortunately my main magic provider does not sell it. :|

    Overall, I really do recommend this and the price tag is 99 cents. You can't beat it. Plus, all the money goes to a childrens hospital.

  2. This is a fantastic idea, perfect for a bar/club situation.
  3. It is. I really fell in love with it when I saw it. It's really elegant, and just has a real type of feel to it.
  4. It's only 99 cents right now. Is it on sale, or is that the normal price?????
  5. Normal price. It's a really good effect and the money goes to charity.
  6. Gotta chime in, I have not seen the method ( But I know it) and this is a GREAT little WTF moments for your audience. very smart idea.
    GET IT!
  7. That being said, I thought I knew the method. While I was very close to being 100% right, there was another additional item to the FP needed to make the trick work that I did not know about. But as JM said, get it.
  8. Really? Well then I'll be sure to get it then.
  9. This was my first trick using FP. Careful. That s*** f'ing burns.

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