Tarantula 2 can be performed in daylight ?

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  1. My question is, if i perform Tarantula 2 at daylight, will the spectator notice???
  2. Depends on the lighting I think. If it's very bright, maybe not. From what I've seen the IT is pretty darn thin though
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  3. l

    What many people fail to understand regarding a device like this is that - IT work is an effect all by itself.

    Tarantula is a DEVICE used to facilitate this effect. Tarantula is NOT the effect.

    Managing IT is DIFFERENT to managing a device. The T is actually incredibly well hidden and unlikely to be seen at all.

    IT however can betray you instantly if you don’t have the correct setting

    So daylight, nightlight, candlelight, northern lights...if you don’t have an understanding at all about IT Work (and it’s incredibly inexpensive and fun to learn) then the T2 won’t hekp you at all

    Also - lighting might be the least of your issues...if you cause - let’s say - the ring to swing because of bad body movement then daylight or no...it’s gonna simply look like what it is...
  4. What they^ said.

    Can Tarantula be performed in daylight? Yes. That said, if you do not perform correctly you may be caught. You may be caught in any light.

    Tarantula is just a clever way to help manage IT. If you don't already have some experience managing IT, you are going to struggle with Tarantula until you get that experience. The lighting, the clothes you wear, the distance between you and your spectators, your own movements - All of these things will either help you or betray you. Before picking up Tarantula I would strongly recommend that you look into IT first. Once you understand IT, you will know exactly what conditions you can perform this in.

    // L
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  5. What would you recommend to learn IT?
  6. Buy Fearsons Master Levitation Series if you KNOW NOTHING AT ALL about IT

    Or/and Buy a spool of wooly nylon ($3) and get some beeswax

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