"TdF Beta" Now available!!!

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  1. By popular demand, I have decided to bring back "TdF, The BETA Version."


    Exposé Feature

    Highly reviewed by several of the industries leading magicians and magic publishing organizations, "Tour de Force" is one of the cleanest and most natural looking in-the-hands Triumph effects on the market. Every move is motivated and easy to perform.

    In this video, you will learn: -"Tour de Force" Classic Handling (beta version) -Impromptu Handling -Multiple Card Variation

    **Stay tuned to receive info on how to get $7 off on "Tour de Force, The Complete Edition", now available on DVD**


    "This is one of the most practical Triumph routines I’ve seen and well worth learning and adding to your repertoire. This is very highly recommended." -Paul Romhany, Vanish Magazine

    "If you have an appreciation for classic effects, or Triumph in particular, I think you might enjoy this DVD" -Doc Johnson, MyLovelyAssistant

    "Michael O’Brien’s collection of Triumph effects brings modern methods to the classic effect. " -John Wilson, Magic Magazine

    "It's a great in the hands version of the triumph effect." -Ekaterina

    “It’s a very powerful plot in magic. This is a beautiful, simple handling of that effect.” -Exposé, Theory 11

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