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Technique - Matthew Mello

May 12, 2009
Well, I could tell you that it's nothing new. The description says it all. A lost concept revisited and simplified.
Personally for myself, it works. I haven't really put focus on it during my performances but I've gotten some great reactions from "test performances".
I'm currently playing around with this method for different applications but it seems like you could do a lot with it.
For me, I wouldn't consider it great as a stand alone effect, but works great for building a routine with.

For the DVD itself, I thought the layout, and the teaching was great. Mathew goes in great detail on what you say to the spectator, how to obtain the information and so much more. Mathew also gives great ideas on how and where to use this technique (no pun intended). :p
The music seemed relaxing. A little to relaxing if you ask me. I caught myself dozing off at some moments.

As for the CURRENT asking price of $14.95, I say it worth it.

This is just my opinion. I wouldn't consider this as an actual review.
Just saying.
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