Texas Pasteboard Massacre

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Michael Kras, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Here's a torn and restored card method I've been tinkering around with... still in it's earliest stages but here it is in it's current form. I would love to heard your thoughts on it!

  2. Very clean and direct. I like it!
  3. this is your early stages?
    it is amazing
    how do you do it?
    maybe it will pop up on the wire someday(hint hint
    well done
  4. The video was really dark but from what I could see it looks pretty good.
  5. I like it Michael. Very nice idea. But, I feel like you couldn't do that in a real situation. Am I wrong or is this something you can only do from that angle of blocking the ground and for a camera? (if you know what I mean). If I am wrong than bravo! But, nice moves and like you said early stages but I really like where it's starting.

    Adam Rose
  6. Seems like this would work well in real situations. Very clean in appearance and the principle of part of his method has been time-tested. I like it!
  7. Hi Adam! This is not a to-camera effect... in fact, the angles are exceptionally wide and the only place it cannot be viewed from is directly above or below. I've done this successfully in a nearly surrounded condition. I'm glad you like the effect!
  8. Jeff: I won your effect "Gum" on the magicsession. Pretty excited for it and I'll have to let you know what I think.
    Michael: Aliright than very cool man! You think you could get some live performances up? I would love to see how your spectators react. Very strong effect and great work man! Keep it up!

    Adam Rose
  9. I like the effect Michael, while I wished it wasn't mentioned in the YouTube thread, the one person was right that you might benefit from Jeff Kaylor and Michael Ammar's new "Any signed card to any spectator's wallet". Admittingly, it doesn't look like you absolutely need it, but you might benefit from it.

    Matt M.

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