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THAT was the "Dive of Death"?

Sep 1, 2007
I agree I was rather disappointed in that ending to such a fantastic show. Nothing happened! Especially seeing it on television the camera just gave up on tracking him and it was like oh alright the camera people got lazy. That didn't seem very magical at all. Or stunt worthy.
Sep 3, 2007
Yea, that was kinda retarded. Would have been better if he just landed and walked off or something. Or the platform was actually a pool that he jumps in. Guess the announcer never heard of a helicopter before. He kept saying things like where did he go?, how did he mysteriously lift to the atmosphere.
Dec 10, 2007
David Blaine Special= Epic fail

So who else thought this special sucked majorly, just to end with the lamest trick ever televised. I think its official, he doing it just for the money at this point.

I feel cheated! the magic was mediocre and the bullet catch was lame. And then the Dive of death...! It was just dumb...

Post your thoughts (good or bad) on the special
Mar 25, 2008
Yeah..... that must have been a tech glitch. Will be interesting to hear what some of the guys who have an inside line will have to say about what was supposed to happen.

Was it just me or did I hear boos when the safety cables caught him?


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Sep 13, 2007
I think the camera messed up or something. I thought he was gonna catch a bullet while falling. I thought the "not-live" bullet catch was just practice. He did hang upside down for three days and overall the special was sweet! I enjoyed watching him again its been a while :)

Jul 9, 2008
Maybe the cord was meant to cusion the blow, but someone got the timing wrong. IT's terrible, because that could turn a lot of people off magic. I hope it isn't the end of his career.
Dec 13, 2007
I know... i was all hyped up... i was like this has gotta be so cool wat is he going to do... and then... he just falls while hooked up to a cable and then is pulled up and it doesn't really even look like he vanishes... i bet it was better live but still...

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