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THAT was the "Dive of Death"?

Jul 15, 2008
I thought he might be using stooges and camera tricks at times. How about the Prohibition cap through bottle where he magically plucked it back out in an instant? Bending down with all the people around there was a shining light that obstructed my magical view.... That doesn't mean that he didn't do it right?

I can spot a few places where comas/semicolons seem appropriate.
and yes, I'm referring to this:

Well, you're the kid that can't capitalize, form a sentence, or punctuate. At least he took that leap to be different. You just want to be like the rest of them don't YOU? It's really sad, think for yourselves.
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Sep 3, 2007
I absolutely agree with Corey. The special itself was phenomenal. I was again reminded what magic really is. It is a powerful message that Blaine touts (and I use "tout" in the nicest sense of the word). We shouldn't overlook that.

My girlfriend seemed to really like it more than I did. She kept saying "you couldn't do that." But she also reaches for my cards each time I show her something. So I just sit and nod. Words of wisdom folks.
Jun 29, 2008
Yes but No one can ever Say they have pulled off every stunt and every Magic/ Illusion/ Trick, to the perfect T So that being said No one is perfect things happen if that was the stunt then that was the stunt. If it was not then Oh well Life does go on and we all will still enjoy his special's And in the future I sure will be watching the next one..!

you're right nobody is perfect, magic is art....and art endures
Jul 15, 2008
you're right nobody is perfect, magic is art....and art endures
Correct, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the special and no matter how the ending went, Laymen enjoyed the show too... (I hope)
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I missed the whole thing! turned it on at the "dive of death" and saw it. then it was over i was a bit confused :( i wanted to see new street magic so much! ;\

btw i think the stunt went bad? i dont know but david blaine is still sweet xD!
Nov 23, 2007
I wasn't able to see the special because I was at a Toastmasters competition, so I'm waiting for the YouTube videos.
Theres no doubt that they will show reruns. Probably pretty soon.

You missed a good show for sure. Did you become the speaker and leader you want to be at toastmasters?:)
Sep 1, 2007
I'm going to get exile. I haven't bought anything in quite some time.

I reeeeeally want to learn that deck flip thin he did with Olando Bloom. Best trick of the night.

The ending was kind of a dissapointment, but the tricks made up for it 100%
Jul 26, 2008
my friends were mad at me cause i was all hyped up and then nothing happened, i think it messed up.
o well. for a sec i thought he hung himself, i was like. holy crap that is way bad ass, hanging yourself on national tv

Ha ha, me too.

Anyway, I was majorly disappointed!
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