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THAT was the "Dive of Death"?

Dec 4, 2007
I was so very, very disappointed.

I was expecting a tank full of something, fire, spikes...

...I even thought he dropped down at first hanging himself.

But, instead, he was pulled up by something. I wonder if the dive was one giant joke, or if something went wrong?

I think he was supposed to jump and suddenly vanish before he hit the ground.

May 3, 2008
I loved the magic actually. It was some of the most badass things I've ever seen. But I do agree that the ending wasn't cool.
Sep 1, 2007
Surely someone has an idea of what was supposed to happen? Anyone at Theory 11? Dan White maybe? The show was amazing but that ending was a real bite. If it wasn't supposed to happen like that, I feel really bad for David.


Sep 21, 2008
So who else thought this special sucked majorly, just to end with the lamest trick ever televised. I think its official, he doing it just for the money at this point.

I feel cheated! the magic was mediocre and the bullet catch was lame. And then the Dive of death...! It was just dumb...

Post your thoughts (good or bad) on the special
I agree, however,
I feel a Steerpike lambasting comin at ya DJDonkeyPuncher!!!!
Sep 1, 2007
From what I can see... he was supposed to fall, the lights go out, and by the time they go back on, he wasn't supposed to be there... so in essence.. he was supposed to vanish... Just like Thrallmind said
Aug 12, 2008
not the greatest ending, but i agree, it did seem like he was laughing to himself because something went wrong. its just something else for people to mull over. take this thread for example. the show has been over for 5 mins and there are already 3 pages of comments

Deleted member 2755

Yeah, I was a bit confused... However, he disappeared if you guys didn't notice and that was the point. As they were raising him, he just vanished into the air and he was nowhere to be seen. Awesome stuff. However, I do think there was an error.

Jul 9, 2008
I thought the bullet catch was good. I don't know why he said it was an illusion. If he was going to say it was an illusion why did he go through all the tape of them testing it and setting up the gun just right?
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