"The Deep" Chris Kenner

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Blindside462, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Anyone else do this? This is a sexy routine from CoinOne, impromptu and awesome. One of my personal favorites :)
  2. Yeah I do

    I perform this more than the Homer Liwags routine due to the impromptuness etc

    It's a great version
  3. I do this as well, although I love Homers routine, and I have to throw in a plug here, Jamies walking liberty Dean's set is absolutely beautiful, and I love using them. But "The Deep" is an awesome coins across routine.
  4. I've totally reworked THE DEEP.

    I do a coins across routine with four coins that's similar to The Deep, but includes my "Flim Flam SHAM" move (based off the Yin Yam Flim Flam, which is used by Kenner and Liwag), so that I can do "the coin that never goes", without a shell or gimmick. Wait till you guys see that!

  5. Would love to see it, I use normal quarters for this because I don't like bringing unusual looking coins to school (morgan dollars, half dollars are never really used in the american currency). It makes a tid bit harder just because quarters are pretty darn small.
  6. nothings wrong with unusal props.

    and the deep is great i kinda do a mix between the version in the book and the one on homers dvd
  7. What is the Deep? And what is Coin One? Are they separate routines? OR are they both on the Coin One DVD? Where can I buy/find this?
  8. THE DEEP is published by Chris Kenner in TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL / OUT OF CONTROL, and CoinOne is a Homer Liwag DVD that you can buy.

    They are both (for the most part) VCA's... VISUAL COINS ACROSS.

    Search "CoinOne" on youtube for a demo of coinone by Homer.

    The DEEP is a neo-classic in coins-across, and is spectacular.

    Both are on the CoinOne DVD, but THE DEEP is also available where it first appeared, in Chris Kenner's book, TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL.

  9. how would each of these compare to threefly?
  10. I don't know but CoinOne IS the most visually amazing coins across ive ever seen, it really is spectacular and if you search out the demo im sure you'll agree.

    I would absolutely love to see this... your "Flim Flam Sham" move sounds great, and if it allows for the "the coin that never goes" without a shell then thats amazing

    Anyway you could get some footage of your routine or some info on your move?
  11. difrent types of effects really...
    but i belive that chris kenners 3 fly is the best coin trick ever devised
    its sooo perfect
    but the deep is also really good, i made a coins across around it, but then changed it to a 3 coins across routine
    but yea, also the coinONE dvd is great stuff
  12. Awww! I can't believe I missed that in the book! I read it like three times, and still have to go back to work on different effects. I like to read it all and see which one's I like the best and re-read after.
  13. I released a variant of this effect on my DVD 'Tied'. It is contained in a routine called "Giggle Coins Across". Included in that routine is a phase where a coin is tossed across but never actually goes. The routine is ungimmicked and uses four coins. I also have an effect with three coins that uses the same ruse. It is also ungimmicked.

    Please don't read this as a commercial it isn't...but might be :)

    Cory Burke also has created something similiar to my effect with three coins...I'm sure Kenner and Liwag played with the same ideas though...

    The coin being tossed then shown never to have left is a Geoff Latta ruse just so you guys know.
  14. accully kenners 3 fly is a variation of jonathon townsheds visual coins across. well nto so much a variation then a handing, jons was more misdirection based but it is the routine that started it all
  15. wethingtons routine is top knotch and I have been doing my own routine before I knew of kenners although they are exactly the same and when I got kenners book there were many routines that ive been using for years but I guess kenner also independently created them but at magic meetings when people disscus many of kenners routines I get a little mad inside also I think geoff is great but many moves such as the french pop and that ruse where the coin never goes i've been using for 34 years and if anyone wants to know Im 45 and the se techniques are in some old books of mine way before richard kaufmans coinmagic book with all of the coin guys including geoff was even published.

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