The Disappointment of Being A Magician...

Aug 4, 2009
Before I learned guitar, I thought the solo to Pearl Jam's "Alive" was awesome. Now that I have learned to play, and have studied music theory, I am even more impressed, but for a different reason.

Before, I thought it sounded cool.

Now, I think of the techniques used, the syncopated sections towards the end, the subtle wah usage, the tremolo dips, octave bends, etc.

Now that I know (very, very little) about magic, what is impressive (or not so) about other people's tricks is the smoothness (or lack there of) and the presentation.

It becomes less "what," and a whole lot more of "how," which is the most important part about preforming, imo. A simple trick preformed flawlessly is far more impressive than a sloppy - or even averagely performed - advanced trick.

So enjoy the techniques.
Aug 2, 2009
Shrewsbury, UK
I agreem it's kind of like watching a film with a twist ending for the second time, it doesnt spoil it if its good enough, but its lacking that ooooh, factor, that makes it seem special.
Dylan P., this was about the most heart-felt post i've read all week on these forums. All I can say is you're obviously very passionate about magic, so do me a favor; just strive to be the best magi as you can possibly be. Continue to bring joy to the vast majority and please don't harbor to much on what could have been, just concentrate on the now. I can relate though, I have felt the same way before and I commend you for your honesty.


I will respond to this post as it would be in good taste. This thread wasn't meant to start arguments, merely see others thoughts. And I would like to keep it at this level.

I do strive to be the best magican I can be, and trust me, I still AM fooled all the time by other magicians. But sometimes I wish that a simple double lift would be enough to make me piss myself. You know??? What would it have been like if I had become something else, maybe just a normal layman. Well, I sure would have never been the popular kid in school, and I wouldn't know so many people, I wouldn't have been a good public speaker, I would never be invited to insane parties at age 15, and I wouldn't be able to bring joy to others.

So, if I already no basic principles, then so be it. I will have to be the best magician I can be, and make sure that other people have the anililty that I don't. The ability to look at something as simple as a Shapeshifter and freak out. So if I had to sacrifice that in order to better myself and bring joy to other people, then I am fine with that.

I will not dwell on it,
Dylan Piknick

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I think.... There are too many drama queens in magic.:rolleyes: There are always gonna be things out there that fool me. I love magic. I love watching it, and I love performing it.

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