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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Proximo, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. I am having some issues with my Dribble.

    I can't seem to get enough height when I do it. If I try the dribble more than 6 inches from my other hand, the cards start to flip.

    I have seen others do it at more than 12 inches apart.

    Any suggestions?
  2. If you wanna dribble higher, youre gonna have to dribble the cards faster as in letting them go and moving your hands up higher. If you do that then the cards wont have enough time to flip over.

    check out this dribble(it is a dribble right?). it may inspire you.

    and as for height, i just keep pushing yourself to get higher and higher. experiment with different methods(hand catching positions, whatever). i don't know thats what i did. now i can do from my waist level to slightly below eye level. :D
  4. OMG tht guy is crazy!!!!
    his dribbles are huge, his 1 hand fans are huge.
    tht tornado move is cool!!!!
  5. Yeah, thats bone's anaconda dribble. He used to have a tutorial for it ages ago, i thought he was comming out with a anaconda dvd a couple years ago but its probably been delayed or canceled.
  6. If the cards start to flip when your doing the Anaconda, you should not bend your card that much when you dribble them, too much bending, and the cards flip. Just experiment and practice.
  7. Bones 'Anaconda Dribble' really is a great move fun to do and it doesn't take that long to aqquire some decent height with it:D
  8. I love the anaconda Dribble, it's so stylish. It's helped me to get height on my dribbles, so now if I try a regular dribble, which i learnt from Brad C (gripping the corners), i can get it quite high. I prefer the corner grip, if I'm to do a standard dribble and not an anaconda, because the cards fall at a bit of an angle and look awesome when i go high.
    So, to get a good dribble you just needa practice it every now and again for about a week. I'm sure you've seen lots of magicians and flourishers just dribbling and playing with the cards in between moves.

  9. Wow,

    Thank you for all the advice. I just realized that I do tend to bend the cards allot. I guess my thinking was that the extra bend will spring them quicker to the other hand and prevent them from flipping, but this may be the very reason they do flip.

    I need to let go faster and not bend so much. Bring my hand up and back down quicker.

    I will practice.

  10. wow, that anaconda is there really a free tutorial that's ethical out there, if so, I would love to take a look at it.
  11. Na man, I don't think there is. I do know of some people who have a tutorial on it. I'm not sure if they got it off bone ho himself or unethically, or if they have it from back when Bone apparently released one ages ago. But yeah there's no tutorial that is publicly accessible that I know of.
    Hope this clears things up a bit


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