The first trick you ever learned?

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  1. The more I have been applying myself to magic, I keep on thinking (and laughing at myself)about how difficult simply fanning out the cards was when I was younger. Then I felt sentimental so I pulled out the first toy store magic set I ever bought, and pulled out the first effect from it I ever learned. This was the one where you stack three cups, and a ball seemingly passes through the stack to the bottom cup. So I was wondering, what was the first trick you folks learned?
  2. I believe it was an effect where the spectator counts any number of cards onto the table, and after that he can
    deal these cards into four piles - and magically one Ace is on top of each pile ;)
  3. I love that one, it is great for kids. And even some mathematically challenged adults :)
  4. I think it was a color change. Erdnase I believe. I started working on false shuffles, palms and transfers after that. It's been an interesting journey since then.
  5. I think the first one I learned was this torn and restored rubber band trick from my dad. I also think I learned how to force and peek at card. It's surprising how far I've gotten from that but I'll still use those tricks.
  6. I don't remember what my FIRST was, but among my first's was a card trick where you counted the cards in three piles, and after doing that three times you were able to tell what card they had chosen. Took me ages to get it right, and that's pretty much all I remember.
  7. Chicago opener and Jumping Gemini. I still do a modified version of CO but can't remember Jumping Gemini.
  8. coin bite. easy to do, but kills
  9. I think mine was the floating styrofoam cup. Good times... :)
  10. The first thing I learned was Crazy Man's Handcuffs. My mentor taught it to me three weeks after I started asking him to teach me. It was a month before I did it for him, another two months before I did it for the Ring.
  11. The Chicago Opener, and card to wall, with a dupe, so, a force.
  12. I know this sounds very amateurish, but what is the Ring? I have seen a few posts referencing the Ring, and I have no idea what it is.
  13. the IBM local clubs are called a Ring. The SAM local clubs are Assemblies.
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    Yea it's a nice and simple trick - I've already fooled some pretty smart adults with it ;)
  15. My first trick was the classic color change. Then I started working on some false shuffles and cuts. Haven't stopped since.
  16. The first trick I ever learned was the Steinman color change from Splicer. It looked so cool I just had to learn it lol
  17. Now i feel odd because the first three things I learned were non-card effects.
  18. The trick I learned after those was Crazy Man's Handcuffs. I learned card tricks because I started magic due to the girl I was dating at the time. She did a semester in Mexico, I was bored and I'd already cleaned the apartment as well as it could go. So I picked up two card tricks to show her when she got home. The magic stayed, the girl is gone.
  19. I remember how amazed I was when I saw cards trick, and now´I just see double lifts and Pass x)
  20. I learned Key Card, then used that principle for Do As I Do.

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