The Gravity half pass

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I have been working on the GHP for a while now and i have a few questions that i hope that someone could answer and help me with.

    When the pack starts to revolve the cards bevel abit so i always feel like i have to square them up under the cover card before the packets coalesce. Any advice on how to make the cards stay squared up?

    Also i was wondering, do you change the grip at the same time that you make the packets coalasce? In the book it says that you should do it "As soon as the packets colasces" But if your not doing it at the same time it does not really look like the way Aaron does it in his videos.
  2. You can send me a PM, that's a bit of exposure, you might wanna edit your post, Ill gladly help
  3. The second he said,"Pass" most people know that he's talking about packets transposing. He's not exposing anything.

    Yes, it's natural for the packets to bevel during the pass, you just need to grin and bear it and keep practicing. As for the squaring actions, I would try to square tham as fast as possible once the pass is done. however, I usually do the pass on the offbeat so that nobody is burning my hands.
  4. i think you are slightly confused my friend. A pass is way different than a half pass and a regular half pass is way different that Aaron's Gravity Half Pass which is a magnifiscent move.

  5. potayto's patato's

    Either packets are changing.
  6. The idea of the move is to make it look like you're simply raising the pack from a mechanics grip to an elevated mechanics grip. Even if the cards do bevel a little, squaring them back up can be covered by the same motion of raising it to the finger tips.

    Practice raising the pack back and forth between normal grip and an elevated grip on the fingertips. Then try to do that same motion while doing the move and do the best you can to make the actions look the same.

  7. well the difference is in the way the change and i do believe that in magic we should pay attention to detail


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