The Haunted Deck-My (Imprmptu) Version

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    So this idea just hit me a while ago, I forgot to mention in the description that this actually looks best when the deck is resting on the spectators hand, it CAN be done on a table, but I'm still practicing that. So if you guys could give me some feedback that would be great, thanks!

    Impromptu Haunted Deck
  2. By Impromptu, does that mean "No strings"? Please teach me. PM me. Thanks.
  3. yes, no strings, magnets, or gimmicks of any kind. Deck of Cards.
  4. Not gonna lie, it's pretty crazy lookin'. Good job man.
  5. Thats a really cool idea man good job.
  6. Not bad. You need to cover the chosen card a little better when you pivot it back to the spot between your thumb and index it looks tacky. Other then that its good.
  7. Being honest here and I must say that it looks pretty good, I really enjoy the look of it.

    Good Job,

  8. Nice thinking. It's very impressive looking.
  9. I saw something in one dvd that I don't remember the name.
    But it was impromptu and it is pretty easy, and with a great impact.
  10. Is there anywhere where I can buy this trick? No strings and no gimmicks? That sounds crazy. I need to learn this.
  11. The Haunted Deck My Imprmptu Version

    18 i would use double stick tape to vanish the card by cutting the deck then have her shuffle the cards and have a dupilcate some place else

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