The Internet: Silent Killer of Talent?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Steerpike, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. WOW, little bit of self righteousness hmm?

    And hey you suck.

    Welcome back steerpike by the way.
  2. Hey Nexus,

    Sorry you think I suck. It is a shame that you are a drone because I think you are deep down a smart person you just can't believe everything Steerpike says.

    Anyway I will welcome Steerpike back if I choose to, I don't have to conform with the rest and welcome him.



    P.S. If you would like to take cheap shots at me you can PM I am not here to fight but it seems you are.
  3. Holy crap. You're bashing someone for writing well? There's altogether to much "lol wtf u da siko botch!??"-ing going on around here.

    lol wtf u da siko botch!?? by the way.

  4. Why does this remind me of Perez Hilton's quote about what happened between him and the Black Eyed Peas?
  5. Not bashing Joshua, constructive criticism. You have a tendency to over simplify things. Any I should have sent that to steerpike in a pm, my bad.


    EDIT: Randy I don't read anything from Perez Hilton.
  6. Alright, I can understand the ego thing, for godsakes, it is steerpike. Steerpike without an ego is like Wendy's without the beef, but you'd actually fault a man for intelligent writing? Maybe you should open that "Leather-Bound Dictionary" more often.

    No one said you had to welcome him back either, we simply do it out of respect because more often than anyone else here, he knows what he's talking about, and in my opinion, is kind enough to share.

    Nexus was simply pointing out what you said:

    Unless i'm wrong, he was pointing out the irony in the fact that you proved your own point.
  7. It had to do with Perez's quote about knowing he was going to piss a guy off, yet still doing it and then end. Crying about being punched in the face.
  8. No simplification here!

    "stop trying to impress us with your overly ornamented writing style"

    "these ego trip posts are getting as old as Speaker Pelosi"

    Yup. That's bashing.
  9. Lets call this the sixth post after my original comment, that need not be. Although I was trying to show Steerpike his own asininity which was not part of the thread, I did contribute my view to it. I'd like to thank you for further steering this thread in an off topic direction with a useless post. Keep doing what you are good at.


    P.S. A word of advice, make excuses for no one but yourself doing otherwise will get you no where in life.

    P.P.S. If you would like to learn more about anything you saw here to today PM me. ;) Steerpike raises a good point, it is our job to try and keep the conversation going.

    EDIT: Joshua and Randy both posted, lets make that 8.
  10. Two things. First of all, magic is theater. There is nothing elitist about that. If it were elitist, I'd be trying to keep other people from being a part of it.

    Second, it does hurt things when new blood is wasting their potential on a bunch of drooling, sweaty parasites. Not everyone is going to be the next Lance Burton, but there are few things that depress me more than squandered talent and wasted potential.

    Of all the old people and things in the world, that weak-ass analogy is the best you could come up with? Calling me pompous is the best you could do? Accusing me of trying to impress people is the best you've got?

    It's hard to convey laughter through text without looking like an idiot, so I'm just going to say that this is comedy gold.

    Oh please. I receive real criticism from real magicians and mentalists on a regular basis.

    The point of this thread was to quantify and qualify a problem so as to help people avoid falling into the trap. You asserted that we should learn from the mistakes of those who came before, but that's what we were already doing. Were you really in so much of a hurry to try and take me down a peg that you completely missed that?
  11. Zero P is great AND entertaining. If you want a webcomic with bite, might I suggest

  12. Thanks everyone for pointing at stuff in my posts. So I do not think you suck, but was simply pointing out the irony of your post. Second I am offended you would call me a conformist "It is a shame that you are a drone," I actively tell people I dislike with a passion, Conformity in magic and day to day life. Especially Racial conformity. But the topic is the circle and I am the Tangent line head strait of the plane. Math geek reference for ya.

    "Anyway I will welcome Steerpike back if I choose to, I don't have to conform with the rest and welcome him."

    Oh please, are you trying to be a rebellious guy on the forum, let me clue you in a bit. It isn't working hunny, said with a lisp and in the gayest way possible. I feel you just want attention and you got it, but after this post you will not get mine anymore unless you say something intelligent.

    Also like others pointed out it wasn't a cheap shot just simply a poke at what your "intelligent" post stated.

    Now back to internet the silent killer, Pondering on that statement.
    I think the internet kills talent just like school does. Although there methodology of stripping creativity differ, they both have the same effect. Internet like Steer pointed out, once they get praises they feel like they are the "best." School just gives you very detailed instruction or give you the methodology and you have to follow it, usually these instruction do not leave any room for outside thinking. Therefore it leads to us not exercising our creativity skills and instead wires our brain to imitate others in everything including magic.
  13. Didn't say it was elitist, but it sounds elitist to me. I dislike how so many in this forum in general take themselves to seriously and/or try to have the matureity of someone three times their age. I find this phrase, among others, to be one they choose to use very often.

    I partially I agree with you on the second point, but I am unsure about one thing. Does it really make a difference where the blind appraisal comes from? Does it matter if it is your friends and family thinking you are great, or some other kid on the internet? Do you not think a kid values what his (grand)parents tell him about his skills than some random on the web?

    Will these positive comments affect you in any worse way than having your mom applaud your crappy doulbe-lift? Can anyone really say?
  14. I used to think the same way. Then I pulled my head out of my ass and realized there's a difference between being self-important and respecting what I do.

    Second person to miss the point.

    I've already said that this phenomenon is not exclusive to cyberspace, but it's actually much worse here than it is in the real world.

  15. For a try at pulling your head out of your ass you did a very half-ass job.
    There is a difference, but that was not my point. Self-righteousness and self-respect are two different things entirely. Third person to miss a point - Steerpike.

    For a topic with the name "The Internet: silent killer of talent", the real world seems to be a whole other subject entirely. Or did you just give it a random name? In the OP you seem to target the internet pretty much exclusively, I didn't re-read it very closely though.

    I was asking you this very question, do you find the stuff going on on the internet worse than what is going on on youtube and forums like this? Instead of giving me a one sentence answer, put that big brain of yours to work and explain why you think this is the case.
  16. Uh, what? This forum and YouTube are part of the internet. Why on earth would they somehow be separate?

    I have on idea what the hell you're even asking me at this point.
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    Seems like someone is a TF subscriber...:p Venomfang is a tool, but I'll be here to debate you anytime about HTWW being in the same class as Venom :p But the truth is the circle jerking that goes on in the comment sections of those two are irrelevant, I'm sure if every single person said they were wrong, they'd still believe in what they say. I'm getting off track...

    The reason why the internet magnifies the fanboyism is the lack of understanding of what is good and what is not. If the fanboys were educated, most of them wouldn't be as head-over-heels in love with the pieces of dog crap they worship, thus leading to harsher criticism of the said pieces of dog crap, and more improvement. It's irony at it's greatest, as the internet is one of the better ways to learn and be exposed to different things. The internet empowers anyone who uses it. But as to how you instill the drive for knowledge into this people (teens mostly) I have no idea. Let's just hope it's the hormones, and they'll actually become productive members of day. Or they could go outside for a while >.<
  18. Hahaha, oh my.. That was a bit embarrassing.

    I of course meant the difference between the internet (youtube and sites like this) and the real world.
  19. I'm not saying it would change their minds as they're both already pretty far gone. My point is that it exacerbates the problem.

    The difference has been illustrated numerous times over. Re-read through the thread and pay attention to everyone's points and arguments. The internet provides a massive audience of instant feedback, most of it useless because it's just empty praise. The danger of showing one's work off an gaining sycophantic hangers-on is always a danger anywhere, but it's magnified online because of the wider exposure and the ability to actively censor any and all criticism. If someone criticizes you face-to-face in real life, there is no "Delete comment" button short of punching them in the face.
  20. Ive taken much thought into this the last few months and this is what i came up with.

    *Sorry if im repeating some thoughts, i dont have time right now to read the whole topic*

    I use dA for my Web page designs, mainly for getting stock images, fonts, inspirations... etc.
    Its an awesome site, but alot of people ask for credit they dont deserve there. Ive seen numerous comments like : "Hey, this is good but my take is better see it here link" and often times it sucks hell. Now why is this?

    Lets take another example...

    I dont want to say im getting big in Web design, but im a born critique(i constantly critique everything, im driving my best friend nuts sometimes :), at first i didnt make sense but as they say, Practice makes perfect and i now understand more because of that, but as always i dont always hit the nail, i sometimes hit my thumb)but so i go about alot of Web design forums and give in my thoughts and share my work.
    Now sometimes some guys think that im giving away good thoughts and add me on my msn. These are ususally 12 year old kids that have just started out.

    They ask if i could help them code something or help on some things on theyr site. And often times the site is rubbish. Something a 2 year old would do in paint, and the dude calls himself a designer. WTF?

    So i start talking to the guy, giving him good stuff, free templates, backgrounds whatever to spice the website up and make is look better.
    And what do i get?

    *ive been in the business for 4 years, not a long time in my mind i am just starting to scratch the surface. But im a read a holic, i read every tutorial that comes out just to leave something in my mind for the future, the same thing with magic, i just buy stuff that isnt really effects but teach you how to build yourself up*

    The little guy starts to shout at me that wtf!?!?!, i can do this better than you, my designs rule, you dont know nothing, you suck *BLOCK* *DELETE*.

    Now im a guy who feels sorry for everyone so im stuck with a feeling that did i do something wrong?
    And thats what pisses me off, im being generous and the guy just flips.

    Whats the cause of this?

    Its the fact that young people cant be in one spot anymore, theres so much to do. Our society is going in the direction that people have lots to do, in terms of freetime activities. Swimming, football, soccer, golf etc. Theres so much that young ones cant stay in one place and they want to see that they are doing well in such a small amount of time, they want to be the best right away because they hear that again a miracle child, he can do a gazillion things in his head in a second. They want to be that child.

    I was doing the same stuff, until i met magic. Its not something i can do off the bat. I have always loved theatrical work and i can cope well on stage. Thats something i got from my father.

    Anyways, the fact is that whats killing talent is the fact that we can spread our work in a mater of second around the world, and get instant feedback.
    In old days you had to travel and show everyone your work and you had to be confident that noone would scream you suck every time. That made people push themselves more and make the art they do perfect in theyr eyes and then go and show it to others.


    *This reply probably isnt the best, i went off course sometimes but i just didnt have the guts to delete it all... So thanks for reading if you did*

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