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  1. Hey all,

    So I am about to move to California in a couple of months and I was thinking about getting a membership to the Magic Castle. I want to get a Magician's Membership, but I don't know how skilled you have to be. Plus, I want to know how exactly the membership works. So, to get this straight: I get access to the Castle whenever I want (as long as I buy a meal)? I get access to a library? And the lectures on Saturday? Is there anything else?
  2. Castle members get access to the club any time it is open. You never have to buy a meal. Meal requirements extend to certain guest passes.

    I believe if you apply as a non-resident magician you can change your membership to resident status and save considerable money on initiation fees.
  3. I went one time as Johnny Ace Palmer's guest...took a few friends and bought everyone's meal. Let's just say my bill was about $250.00. That was for 4 people eating steak. When the bill came I was like....."HOLY CRAP....ha ha. Oh well.
  4. I have heard that non-resident is cheaper, and from what I read, the county in which I will live makes me qualified for a non-resident (it is about a two hour drive from Hollywood).

    I am glad to hear that I don't have to get a meal every time too, that will just stimulate me to going more often. (Though odds are that I will still be eating there, just because I will probably be hungry after a two hour drive).

    But as far as the interview process, do you have to be a mind blowing magician to get in???
  5. Cheers mate,

    i'm a magician there.

    as a magician member your allowed to do as much walk around magic as you want, also there are some tables for Impromptu shows you can do.

    so what they want to see in the audition, is that your skilled enough to not flash, or fumble about, or stammer along.

    be prepared to do about 10 minutes, they might stop you sooner though, be confident, and do some effects that you know very well, doesn't matter if there "easy" or not. i know people who have gotten in doing a simple in the hands triumph.

    if you can do some mind blowing close up magic then go for it mate, just be relaxed, and let it flow,

    if i can help you with anything else let me know mate. just drop me a Private Message

  6. I'm also a member there. on top of the performance, they'll also ask you a few questions regarding your background/experiences in magic. Like linerc said, even simple ones will work, as long as you get your routine down. One of my friends did the steel ball and tube with his own presentation and got in :)
    When I auditioned, the first 2 phases went well, except the last phase, I did the hot shot cut, which I never had problem with catching the card, except that night.. the card flew and landed right on the female judge's chest... obviously I didn't retrieve the card myself, I thanked her for her amazing feat of catching the card :p
    good luck and have fun!

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