The Main Event: A True "Astonishment"

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  1. And then there were two...

    It has all come down to this, the final showdown between cm763 and Close-Up Expert. After months of grueling tasks, the final one will be revealed tonight. There can only be one winner, so here's what I'm asking of cm763 and Close-Up Expert... I need a time when both of you are available to sit at your computer desks for 1 hour, no breaks and no excuses. The sooner the better, so PM me with FIVE possible one hour time slots when you are both free to complete this final task. For example, cm763 could send me:

    September 19, 2009 - 8 PM EST to 9 PM EST, 10 PM EST to 11 PM EST

    September 20, 2009 - 3 PM EST to 4 PM EST, 6 PM EST to 7 PM EST, 9 PM EST to 10 PM EST

    Close-Up Expert, do the same thing and I will try and do my best to figure out a time that works best for both of you.

    Once I get both of your PM's, I will create a new thread and explain all of the details of the task on that thread.

    Good luck and I hope your up for the challenge,

  2. Ladies and mostly Gentlemen,

    The time has come to announce the time and place for the final round of the Main Event contest for the PH True Astonishment set.

    The final details will be revealed Tuesday September 29th at 10 PM EST. This time both participants, Close-Up Expert and cm763, will HAVE TO be there at that time (10 PM EST).

    I have something very special prepared for the 29th to determine who will take home one of the most unbelievable magic sets of all-time.

    Until then...

  3. Neat-o. I'll be here. :)

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