The Main Event: A True "Astonishment"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DoctorMagic, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. Hmm. I wouldn't hold your breath then boys. This doesn't look "normal" to me. I hope I'm just the devils advocate though.

    I hope you weren't required to give out any personal information at any time for this event.
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    Nope. Wouldn't have participated if I did have to. :)

    I do appreciate the concern, though; many people fall for scams and stuff because they don't normally want to think about things like that, so it's good to mention the possibility of it.

    I'm just running on the assumption that he's busy...he hasn't collected personal information, and he's run late before. In addition, he has recently cited preparation for his first year of college as one of the latest reasons for running late with the contest, and given that most colleges are starting soon, or have already started recently, it would make sense as a reason for neglecting the contest. Personally, I'd choose my private life over a contest, if I were in his position, heh.

    But yeah, I do appreciate you bringing up the subject. It's always important to keep that in mind whenever there's any sort of a seemingly amazing deal. :)
  3. Yes, I would've been out as well if he had asked for that. If I do win, I'll be kind of weary about giving an address...hmmm...
  4. Hey guys...

    First off I want to say I am a guy who lives up to their words and promises. The main reason I have not been posting new contest details is because I started college this fall. I am now settled in, now in the 3rd week, and am situated, therefore I can continue the contest. BUT, seeing as I didn't take my PH True Astonishment set with me, I cannot offer that as a prize. I still could, but the winner would have to pay shipping and handling and will have to wait quite a while. So, I have changed the prize to a $25 Gift Certificate to I know those of you who are still in the contest are disappointed and I am very sorry for that, but at least there still is a prize at stake!

    That be said... I will recap everything that has happened and will post the next contest details today at 6:30 PM EST. Remember, you don't have to be there at that exact time.

    Thank you all for being patient and for understanding,

    Josh (DoctorMagic)

  5. HA!

    word count
  6. Hmm, mentalism abilities seem to be working well enough. ;)
  7. Pwnd

  8. I ended up just buying TA and I now can not understand why in the world you'd want to ever consider giving it away. It's of the greatest purchases I have ever made.
  9. I understand, but I'm quite disappointed.
  10. Well, it's 1:16 PM EST, which is not 6:30 PM EST, sorry about that.

    Anyway, the following are the last 3 participants left in the competition (in no particular order):

    Close-Up Expert

    The next task for you 3 is a difficult one... I want each of you to private message me a one word that best describes magic. For example, the word could be, "sneaky" or "sly." Just make sure its one word and don't use any of my examples...

    One person will be eliminated leaving the last two contestants left...

    Make sure to have your word in by Tuesday September 15th at 6:30 PM EST...

    Good luck!
  11. lol I cant believe this is still going.

    Have fun guys.
  12. From the TA set to $25! What a joker! What was the point?
  13. LOL I only just saw that! Hilarious! What a massive failure.
  14. I'm sick and tired of people being total idiots.

    Why don't you hold a contest then? Why don't you spend money right out of your pocket?

    God, why don't people have any respect for anybody? Oh yeah, it's probably because they don't have confidence in themselves, so they have to take it out on other people on an online forum! Congrats!
  15. I actually have held several contests in the past, giving away a few hundred dollars at least worth of gear.

    I also had a lot of problems at the time of the contest, but never let anyone down, and always did my best to supply what I promised.

    If you set out rules, and expect others to follow them, you should follow your own rules.

    To go from a True Astonishment Set, to $25 is ridiculous. So many people spent so much time on this, for basically nothing.

    Well done friend,
  16. That's right... keep going. Keep degrading other people on the forum 5 years younger than you. I hope it makes you feel good.

    You know... I try to do something nice and this is what I get? Like I said before, I just started college and I am just getting settled in. And Matt, if you read my other post... you would have seen that the PH set is still available for a prize, but I guess your quick to jump to conclusions.
  17. I dont mean to degrade you, or at all attack you.

    Im just not sure you have gone about it in the best of ways.

    Sorry, I have re-read your post and noticed your offer. Apologies.
  18. Ha ha ha, why don't you put the $25 towards the shipping etc and stay true to your word?
  19. Smart guy is smart.

    Foolish contest holder is foolish.....

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