The Main Event: A True "Astonishment"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DoctorMagic, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. That really does suck. :( I know the feeling...I've wrote out long posts (for an online class, where our contributions are graded) before, and had computer or internet problems that caused them to be lost. Not a fun experience. Ever since that class, I've always wrote out long answers in Word first (saving every step of the way, because I've lost Word documents before because of not saving, heh), to make sure I have a "backup" of my post. Just a suggestion for the future, since I know it sucks to lose a long post where a lot of effort went into writing it.
  2. Well as much as I'd love to stay in this competition, I think I am going to have to drop out because, as I already said, I have to leave next Wednesday and I'm very busy in the mean time trying to plan the trip and all of that. Plus I have summer homework to do and I might be going to a party later so good luck to the rest of you. It was fun but I have to drop out. Thanks DoctorMagic for this opportunity!
  3. Hmm, too long. That must be why mine didn't go through. I will resend it in two parts. (I wrote mine on Word first)
  4. That's what she said.
  5. Mine has been sent. DoctorMagic, I would appreciate it if you would confirm that it reached you in time.
  6. Sent in! good luck.
  7. I don't know what you're talking about...

    I wrote mine out, then it asked me to log in again. I logged in, and it took my right back to the PM screen with everything I wrote still there.
  8. I will announce the participants who have made it through tomorrow at 4:00 PM EST!

    Be there to find out the final 5 contestants!
  9. I'm excited!
  10. Looking forward to it.

  11. The suspense is gunna be killer! Haha. I can't wait to hear who's made it; this has been quite the fun contest thus far! :)
  12. that's what happened to me, but then when I logged in again, everything was gone. so I guess we'll seeee if it got through but I doubt it. I would've written it again, but it was very long and I finished near 2am. Was gone all day today. and yeah. It's my fault though.
  13. The suspense continues! ;)

    Oh yeah, I bumped, what are you going to do? :rolleyes:

    Every-once-in-a-while I get annoyed that he's late but then I realized, HE'S GIVING AWAY A THREE-HUNDRED-DOLLAR PRIZE! I almost feel bad about being anxious.
  15. I am just getting home and getting settled. I will post the results in 20 minutes.
  16. Awesomeness. :)
  17. Well... after much time gone and minutes passed, I have come to my decision on the final 5 contestants. All of your essays were VERY well thought out and written, but I could only choose 5 of them.

    The following members are STILL IN in the competition and this list is in no particular order:

    jtmorris, cm763, Close-Up Expert, V. and DaveyG

    Sorry to the following people, it was fun:

    tally-ho, mayniac, AsherF, MagicianDM and magicman384

    I will try to announce the next contest details sometime tonight, if not tomorrow.

    Congrats to everybody!
  18. Yay, thanks! And congrats to the others, as well. :)
  19. YES!!! Once again, I appreciate what you're doing.
  20. Just curious if there's going to be an update soon. I'm not in any rush, just inquiring. :)

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