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    In the week following release of The Marketplace, our crew has been working as quickly as possible to fix minor bugs, add new features, and answer your questions posted in the forums. Within this FAQ thread, you'll find answers to many of the most common questions we've seen thus far. Have a question that isn't on this list? Feel free to make a new forum thread or submit a message to our support crew for assistance.

    What is The Marketplace?

    The Marketplace is a global marketplace for magic and cardistry. On The Marketplace, you can create and publish your own magic effects and cardistry moves. All you need is an idea. Your effect. Your creation. We provide the platform, the audience, and the features you need to publish your effect to a wide audience, instantly.

    How do I submit my effect?

    Our submission process is simple and transparent. First, you'll need to create a free Artist Account. This is totally FREE and enables you to submit new effects on The Marketplace. After you create your account, you will be able to submit new effects in your Artist Dashboard - think of it as your central command center.

    To submit your effect, you'll need to give it a title, short description, long description, set a suggested price, and upload the preview video and instructional video (or PDF, if you so desire). Hit submit, and you're done. Within 72 hours, you'll receive an automatic email notification whether your effect has been approved or declined based on our established, basic Submission Guidelines and Terms of Use.

    If your effect is approved, you'll be able to set the release date and time yourself - you have complete control! The power is in your hands. You'll also be able to edit many aspects of your effect even after it's live on the site - you'll be able to change the description, fix a typo, or even change the image graphic with a click of a button.

    How do I get paid if I release my effect on The Marketplace?

    First and foremost, on The Marketplace, you get to suggest your own asking price. Most of the time, with very few exceptions, we honor that price exactly. You also get to choose if you want your effect to be FREE! We have separate Top Charts for free effects, so you'll be receiving massive attention to propel your name into the limelight.

    If you choose to release your effect for a price, you will receive an unprecedented 60% royalty based on net sales of your effect monthly (detailed in our Terms and Conditions). This royalty is better than ANYTHING else that exists in magic, and better yet - you maintain complete control and ownership of your video and effect.

    Each month on the 11th, you'll receive a statement that details all sales during the previous month. For example, you will receive a statement on or before October 11th for all sales that occur within the month of September. Payments are sent as soon as the statements are posted in your Artist Dashboard, and in our four year history, we've never been a single day late.

    What happens if I notice a typo in my effect description? Can I change it?

    Yep - and you can do it all yourself. Once your effect is released, you have complete control over it in your Artist Dashboard. Find a spelling mistake in your description? Fix it instantly. Forgot to thank your friend Eddie for helping you film? Add him into the Special Thanks section of the product page. Best of all, you get to see how many views your effect is getting on The Marketplaceso you can take action and make sure it's getting the attention you know it deserves.

    What can I do to reach the top of The Charts?

    While we provide this revolutionary platform, it's only that - a platform. A tool. A weapon. What you make of it is entirely up to you. You must have that initial spark, the idea. Without that, and without YOU, The Marketplace is nothing. With you, The Marketplace is everything. Creativity counts, and everyone has a fair shot at being on top of The Charts.

    Once your effect is approved and released, we encourage artists to actively promote and participate in the forums, answering questions and spreading the word about your new release. Post on Facebook, Twitter, and shout from the rooftops to increase visibility and make sure everyone knows about your latest creation. If you do that, and if your effect is as good as you think it is, watch it climb the charts and land on top. You can do it.
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  2. Will the prospective price we put on our effect have any weight in the approval process? For instance if we try to sell a color change for $30, will that negatively effect Theory11's decision?
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  3. Can I sell my original effects for free??

    And if I do, can I use Dana Hocking's released music from his albums (He has already allowed non commercial usage but will the wire accept it?)
  4. I would like to ask a questions

    If I publish a trick, and the trick would consist of an innovation/variation of an existing trick. Would it be legit?
    ( e.g. I publish a Book Test, which has been created by several magicians before, but with my own innovation and trick, would it count? )
  5. If past credit is given to those who have come before you and your variation or touches make it unique...then it might be able to get through the selection process. If it is very similar to what else is already out there, then it could get shot down quickly. It is tough to tell until the submission has taken place. Best of luck.
  6. Thank you, Simon.
    I would try to film it first then.

  7. Since you film, produce, & edit your own video, can you use the same official T11 video logo at the beginning of your video?
  8. how do i get paid?I don't understand.
  9. are minors allowed to upload their own tricks to the wire? as I have my own trick I really would like to upload, but am a minor, is this allowed?
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  10. yes.In fact it is encouraged.Magic is always looking for fresh minds.Im 12 and ive published effects on penguin magic and going to on the wire shortly.
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  11. Is it possible to check if your trick/method is original or not.
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  12. Can we publish a sleight?I mean self created?
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  13. As long it is original yes!
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  14. Is there any other option for preview video
  15. Can you clarify your question friend? What do you mean?
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  16. I can't shoot a clear preview video is there any other option?
  17. As far as I am aware, the preview must be in video form. However you can reach out directly to and ask if there is anything they can do to help. :)
  18. Just to clarify, is it okay to sell a novel presentation/plot that uses an existing method if you credit the original method?
  19. These are turned down most of the time.

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