The Melt and Reverse Illusion by 97mrdude

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by 97mrdude, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. I understand what you say, but you need to learn some respect man. so can you quit being messed up dude?
  2. I'm going to go ahead and guess that I must be the first Slavic person you've ever met. I actually can be very friendly... to people who actually want to learn.

    You want me to stop critiquing your work? Done. Though I would suggest you perhaps watch the movie Glengary Glen Ross, and in particular pay attention to Alec Baldwin's speech.
  3. hey, I would love for you to critique my work KINDLY. Is that too hard? Its the same thing, just with more respect Steerpike. Is that top hard Steerpike? Then prove it to me that you can start being friendly. Prove it!
    haha bye
  4. Go ahead and leave these forums friend, until you, as well as andy, change your entire attitude towards yourselves, learning, and the art of magic, this is not the place for you.
  5. Be quite Tyler no one is talking to you lol. I know magic much more than you or pikey friend think :) haha stop commenting on here
  6. No. You had your chance to show me you were willing to learn. You blew it. In fact, you are lying to me right now. You don't want critiques. You want me to subscribe to your channel and give you compliments that you haven't earned. Every piece of advice I've offered you, you have responded with nothing but excuses and glibness. We're done here.
  7. These two remind me of the troll that came through here a few months ago.. mr.prestidigitation or something like that.
  8. hahahaha bye bye pikey!:)
  9. Except that was fairly obviously a troll with a dramatic overestimation of his own writing abilities. This dude can barely speak English. Unless you want to get into Poe's Law...
  10. Tyler Rouss, I guess it's not Steerpike. Pike is known well of the magic community, especially on E. I guess that 97rmdude is the problem.

    97rmdude, whatever your name is, first if you want to have a good performance : Learn proper english.
    Secondly, be able to accept harsh critiques and painful comments. This is the world, you couldn't get people to everyday wipe your arse with blushing comments and flattering praises.
  11. Practice doesn`t make perfect. It makes permanent. The RIGHT practice makes perfect. And that`s exactly what Steerpyke and TylerRous refering to.
    Get away from the youtube path and get real, valuable education, experience and knowledge.
    It`s a good advise. I know they are right because I´ve done the same mistakes in the past.
  12. Taking criticism is tough, since a good chunk of Youtube comments make kids feel like they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Then they come here expecting the same thing, only to get hit with people try to help. They aren't used to negative feedback and can't handle. I'm sure most of us has been through it. I'm just hoping the original poster eventually sees this.

    To the OP, I highly suggest you take a step back and set your pride aside. Listen to all of what people are telling you here because they have WAY more experience than you do. If you do that, you will learn an ungodly amount as I have.
  13. So who said I didn't take all your opinions in mind? Relax. haha You guys are pretty funny now. Yeah, I'm taking your feedback in mind, who said I wasn't? I'm sorry, but practice DOES make perfect :) Its not life or death.. its a video haha :) OK I/won't respond to any more comments, its a waste of my time haha.
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    Have fun on YouTube. Let me know if that works out for you. In the meantime, I'll go back to getting ready for the performance in front of 6,000 people I have coming up in a couple weeks. A performance that I got largely in thanks to people like Steerpike telling me when I sucked and how to fix it.

    I, for one, hope Steerpike never starts pulling his punches. The best performers in the world got there because people were in their life to tell them when they were doing poorly. Mark Kalin, for instance, had the Long Beach Mystics. The first time he did his (now) world renowned billiard ball act, he was told it was absolutely awful. Straight to his face, even. None of this text crap.

    If you can't take people telling you when you suck, and how to fix it, you need to get out of the performance world. Those people are helping you far more than the people who just tell you you're awesome when you're not.

    And yes, practice makes permanent. Not perfect. You can drill the wrong method into your head all day and it won't make it right. Practice is repetition, repetition creates neural pathways. Those pathways don't know if what they are doing is right or wrong. It's like circuitry. We have to program the correct stuff into the circuitry if we want to do things right. Imperfect practice creates imperfect muscle memory, which is 10x more difficult to fix than learning it right the first time.
  15. Your responses to the comments tell me you aren't taking it too seriously. Maybe you are. If so, great. You posted the video, which means you got to take the criticism or not post a video. Simple as that.
  16. I'm gonna go ahead and quote Mr. Larsen, Genii Magazine Vol. 1, "Practice makes perfect only when the practice is perfect."
  17. Hey Buddy? **** off:) Like your copal TylerRouss, this man has so much more potential than you. Who the hell cares if they advertise YouTube? Its their choice and not yours Steerpike. I apologize for talking to you this way, but frankly you deserve it. Let them do their thing. this is a PUBLIC place, not yours. Quit being a c***head and stand aside my friend, because you achieve nothing by telling anyone off. It is rather foolish. Childish. You know better, don't you? By the way, I have NEVER heard of you, "professional" magician my ***. You can do it! If not, they (the beginners) will become better than YOU fast. So, with that said, fu** off and keep to your business. its a public forum;)

    Best Regards
    - Professional Magician
  18. Foolish quote.
  19. Chris? You are the one acting like a child. Oh the humor of people on this website :)
  20. Says the man hiding behind an incomprehensible handle. Who are you?

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