The Melt and Reverse Illusion by 97mrdude

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by 97mrdude, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Uh huh... And the point of this was what exactly?
  2. To Troll one would assume
  3. Haha...I'm actually a little envious that this dude got over 4 pages of critisism. I would ask for more help from Steerpike, but I'm currently studying Leil Lowndry as well as re-reading the Iliad.

    More on topic: I realized that my 6 months of practicing the pass was in complete vain because I didn't take it seriously enough. I thought that such a simple move could be just taught through YouTube guys....and I was completely wrong. Alex Pandrea as well as people from this forum gave me great tips, and in this one month of practice my skill with the move has become exponentially better than what it was before... In fact I bought Jason England's Double Lift video (even though I considered myself proficient) just to check if there was anything to make my lift look even better. Lo and behold, Jason introduced a DL that I fell in love with (forgot the name...sorry) and I am currently practicing that.

    TL;DR: Practice indeed does not make perfect. It is worth looking at the source of the move to learn it, instead of roaming YouTube for messed-up tutorials.

    After reading so many references to Card College, I may try to get a copy of that (though I have enough to work on at the moment).
  4. SinCera, I think 97mrdude known better English than you, haha
  5. Who are you?? that question is flawed on this website. ChristopherT, I have in fact seen 97mrdudes performance and he has potenial. You need to learn proper English friend, sorry to say. rb7171 is very right In his comments. Its very humorous how Tyler and Steerpike call out 97mrdude when not being able to handle "harsh" criticism. Yet they can't handle rb7171s criticism. Comedic :)
  6. The point was exactly what he said.
  7. You registered today to make only 6 posts in 2 threads, both cases defending a troll. Yeah, you're a sockpuppet account. Now do a little dance for me before I get bored.
  8. Comedic is someone who cannot properly capitalize or use an apostrophe tell me to learn proper English. Of course, I expect nothing less on the internet.

    Your posts suggest you're just a troll account hiding under another incomprehensible handle. Whether you're rb171 under a new set of initials and numbers, posting with him standing beside you, or just some schmoe I don't know and I don't care. I'll just wait to see if you can come up with anything worthwhile to contribute to the discussion of magic or performance.

    Also, that performance I mentioned earlier? It went amazingly well - And the first thing I did was look for criticisms to make it better.
  9. He won't. I think we've already seen the limits of his imagination. Besides that, I've already reported him. I've already used all the jokes I feel like wasting on this disingenuous muppet.

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