The mess up and the fix

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  1. I was performing Search and Destroy the other day and I did a boo boo. I'm not quite sure how I messed the trick up, but somehow I did. I was performing it for a woman who was just amazed at each step of the trick. She came up with her own magic word that she used on each cut. However, at the last cut she had 2 cards instead of 1. I thought I was screwed, but I didn't show it on my face. She (being the bubbly girl that she is) was still amazed.

    Here is how I fixed it...I took the two cards and the two queens and placed them down in front of her (two face up queens and two face down cards). Statistically, women will (I think) choose the queen of hearts over diamonds. I switched the cards around on the table and made it so that her selected card was face down next to the queen of hearts. I then asked her to wave her hand over whichever queen she wanted and say her magic word again. She did so, and behold....the one she chose with her magic word was the selected card.

    Obviously this could have gone terribly wrong. Thankfully, I did a little improv and a little bit of luck helped me out. I would have probably thought of a way to force that card to her even if she did take the queen of diamonds. But right now, I think that I am content with what had happened.
  2. good recovery and great thinking!

    Well if she did choose the queen of diamonds, I would've just said "okay. so lets get rid of this card. Now turn over the remaining card... your selected card."
  3. Great line for equivoque like that is:

    Please move one of the cards away to the side.

    Then it's vague enough to be perfectly logical to either ditch or select.

  4. Yeah, I was thinking something like that. It would have worked either way. :)

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