The Modern Day "Prestige"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by russrawks, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. I dont no who saw the movie the prestige but ill some it up for you real quick.christian bale plays a very gifted illusionist who isn't a very "public Charecter because he's not very good at selling his tricks.hugh jackmon plays a fairly gifted illusionist and such a good presentator. this is what i see today with david blaine and Criss Angel. Criss angel has the looks the Camer..i mean magic tricks and the presentation.david blaine is a very good illusionist who makes the crowed believe he's doing real magic but cant present very well just putting it out there.
  2. I don't really see the resemblance. I understand how someone could make that connection, but I'm not currently seeing it. page for The Prestige for anyone who is interested in the film.
  3. I second that, I don't think the characters that they were representing had adobe photoshop or final cut pro or even any editing tools at that time :p.
  4. Great film, bad analogy...and grammar...
  5. yeah...i don't agree with that

    David Blaine gets insane reactions and I think has an amazing presentation (maybe not as colorful (for lack of a better word) as criss angels) but he still in my opinions has the best presentation I've ever seen

    Thats why he can take these simple concepts and tricks in magic and get crazy reactions... and no also most of the tricks he performs aren't really his
  6. The Prestige is up there with Batman Begins for best film ever for me.

    About David Blaine not knowing how to present magic, that is a very incorrect statement. The David you see on TV is very very different from the real life David. His character is not a mistake, he's acting.
  7. Off-topic: Both films are directed by Christopher Nolan, and both star Christian Bale... Coincidence?

    On-topic: I think that the major difference between the characters and the real-life magicians, is that DB and Criss Angel aren't "competitors" on the same level as Borden and Angier.
  8. He he, I guess it is a coincidence. Also considering my fourth favorite movie is 3:10 to Yuma, whhich also stars Christian Bale.

    About Angel and Blaine competing. You'd be surprised what David Blaine said on his forum when asked about this sort of thing.... "Remember the tortoise."
  9. People who say Blaine can't present magic don't understand the power of silence.
  10. I see alot of people and some very experienced magicians saying that david blaine and criss angel cant present magic, becaus they are most of the time just doing some normal talking and just doing the trick, and no real magical presentation.

    BUT they are two of the most succesfull magicians ever and people likes them alot, as with everything things changes. most people dont want any storylines or big presentations. To present magic like david blaine does it makes you more belivable, just leting the effect speak for itself.
  11. I think I can see the analogy there.
  12. I wouldn't say that David doesn't present magic as well, Its just that Criss's character personality appeals to the general public more.
  13. I agree if you look around David appeals to magicians more and Criss appeals to laymen more.
  14. At first I was excited to read this thread, then the realization that this is nothing more than a Criss Angel vs David Blaine thread sunk in like a dull ax to the forehead.

    Kids take my advice, posting threads about Criss Angel and or David Blaine isn't a way to gain props in the magic world. These two people get enough press as is. Do your homework, study the field, and make posts about John Carney, or Jay Sankey, or Doc Eason, or Kevin James, or even Pop Hayden.

    I dare say it: No one cares about Criss Angel or David Blaine anymore. They're super stars. We get it America. Next Topic.

    As for your analogy, and I'm going to be blunt and given my frustration at the number of Criss Angel threads probably brutal, Your analogy sucks. You apparently don't know your source material or your comparative magicians well at all. As to David, what you see on TV IS a character. He's acting.
  15. I'm sick of people ragging on DB's presentation. His whole manner when approaching people is absolutely awesome, and thought out on a level that really represents third or forth level thinking.

    CA employs stooges and camera tricks to create the impression of impossibility for a TV audience. DB shares the feeling of being there with a TV audience by utilizing audience reaction very cleverly. What's more, his effects work live for a real audience, because his presentation, his casual, off beat means and his absolute silence in letting the audience react.

    It's borderline textbook and very strong magic. This is a ridiculous thread, and the analogy doesn't hold. Any semblance of performance theory would recognise the genius innate in how DB performs his magic.
  16. how can blaine make the crowd think he is doing real magic but not be good at presenting?
  17. Why was this bumped?
  18. I think it is because it is more personable then someone being all in your face and high spirited while wearing a suit and tie and a top hat.

    Great movie btw.

  19. Why is this not locked? Why are people replying to year-old posts?
  20. wow your not acting like a teacher now with this guy because he spelled character wrong (no offense russrawks accidents happen). You didn't call him legally retarted like you did with me.
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