The most powerful effect usiing playing cards

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  1. Theres a great performance video of Lennart Green and while it is part of his act, he drops cards all the time. Its got to be one of the most entertaining things, plus it makes the magic all the more unbelievable.

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  2. Alright, non-card-trick-card-trick gurus... I perform a version of Dan Hauss/Dan White's Lit combined with a Gregory Wilson morphing blister revelation. It's done with a mental selection and a book of matches-- no deck of cards. Does this effing count?


  3. nope try again
  4. Figures...

    An unorthodox card effect in my opinion would HAVE to be Paul Harris' Immaculate Connection, where two cards link together. It's not a traditional card plot at all and not many people do it. The cards merely act as convenient props to show solid repeatedly passing through solid.


    ...Weirdos. Picky weirdos...

  5. sounds pretty cool, where is that published?

    i was joking about the first one.

    i like being weird.

    Being normal isnt any fun
  6. another misfire.

    Btw daniel madison has a great card torn and restored/ transposition rolled into one card. with signatures.
    The deck is not needed and the effect has nothing to do with the card itself.
    Its in his Collateral notes. I think its called TRIP.
    My collateral book is elsewhere at the moment.
  7. Personally, I love Anate by Dee Christopher. It's simply genius.
  8. Any trick can be awesomely freaky...

    Just depends how you PRESENT it..

    Presentation is the key,.
  9. Thats not what he means. He us referring to effects with cards that are not sandwhiches,involve eye candy sleights,or that it looks like a card trick.
    Examples have been posted.

    And there is no way to make Tivo awesome freaky.

  10. Just out of spite, I tried coming up with an alternative presentation for TiVo/TiVo 2.0 to accomodate the guidelines previously set forth. Instead of a transposition of cards, one can make different people's signatures visually morph and trade places with one another using the same techniques as TiVo along with a convenient duplicate. It's essentially the same effect with much more personal significance and an eerie visual of a morphing signature. I just tried it in the mirror and it looks pretty insane.

    I think it'd be a fun effort to take the most mudane effects in magic and try to make them look and feel new again.

    Here's a challenge-- make the 21 card trick interesting.

  11. Ill throw a bloody corpse in the
  12. Jack Parker, 52 Memories.

    Three versions of the 21 card trick, that are more than interesting.
  13. I thought that was already typical of the standard handling. Either (a), someone borrows your cards to show you the trick and you brutally murder them for it. Or (b), you decide to do the trick yourself for magicians and THEY murder you for it. Or hell, even (c), you do the trick for a noob and their head actually explodes...

    I'm admittedly not familiar with any of Jack Parker's material. Is it worth looking into? I also just thought of Paul Harris' Overkill, which is essentially the 21 Card Trick Presented very, very differently. Ha, I haven't performed that in ages. *Scribbles notes in to-do list.*

  14. Stigmata,

    well, it has the 'choose a card' feel to it though,

    but it still rocks.

    TnR Mathieu Bich (not sure if i spelled it right)

    Big Tiny,
    simple, sweet, a bit funny (I read some posts here that said Big Tiny too, :D )
  15. Romeo - Jack's magic is quite interesting from a card magic standpoint. A lot of his creations use some setup, others are impromptu. Generally, his style is to perform reasonably sleight-reliant card magic which appears simple to the spectator. What actually goes on isn't difficult to follow, but it's not unusual to see a dozen sleights within a three phase routine. Nothing is terribly difficult, so it's a good mix for card magic enthusiasts - the routines are all very well put together, and the sleights are quite nice.
  16. Alright, i'm so confused right now I can barely understand my own thoughts, so forgive me if i'm not right about this one, but would Stickman count? (Hell i might even been wrong about the name.)

    It's the one where he draws a little stick figure on the back of a card, and then it starts jumping from card to card.
  17. haha yes thats what im talking about
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    I've been looking for a thread like this, but was hoping to see more tricks I've hadn't heard of before.

    Either way, here's my contribution to this thread. Some of the tricks might be excactly what you've been looking for, others not. In any case, these tricks are tricks that uses a deck of cards in a different way you normally would use them, like the standard pick-a-card-trick. I consider all of them to be very powerful to the laymen! The tricks are in no particular order.

    # Jeopardy - An excellent, impossible and outstanding triple prediction-trick! No cards are selected and uses the whole deck. After the deck is shuffled face up into face down, both by you and the spectator several times, you reveal that before the trick even started, you wrote on a piece of paper several predictions saying how many cards that are facedown, how many of the face down cards that are red and black and how many of one suit there is! Can be found on Paul Green's DVD "In The Trenches with Paul Green". A killer trick.

    # Cards across - A classic effect in magic/card magic. Cards changes places from one location to another, in full view! Many different versions out there. I like the one Bill Malone is performing on his DVD-series "On The Loose" (Vol. 3 or 4 I think). Paul Harris has an extremely cool version of it on "True Astonishments by Paul Harris", which also involves money. Not sure of which dvd it's on. Finally Michael Close has a good one in his dvd "Signature Effects Michael Close, DVD". There are many versions of this trick out there, but I like these three the best.

    # Reset - Paul Harris' classic effect, which is a variation on Brother John Hammond's "Underground Transposition". Four cards visually change places with four other cards (like four aces with four kings), which has been lying on the table in full view the entire time. Then, you blow everyones mind an changes them back, instantly! The version I like the best is Earl Nelson's version "Reset Reset", found in his book "Variations" (which again is a variation on Paul Harris' effect.)

    # Hotel Mystery - Storytelling trick. It's originally an Ed Marlo-effect, but the version I've learned is from George McBride's dvd "George McBride the DVD". It's a quick, easy and a fun trick to do, with a cheeky climax.

    # Sam The Bellhop - Bill Malone's famous trick. In my opinion THE storytelling trick of all time. If you haven't seen it, see it. Then learn it. No, I mean it. Learn it! One of my all time favourite tricks to do. The trick has it all. An absolutely reputationmaker! It can be found on Bill Malone's DVD-series "On The Loose" (vol.1) or the dvd "Sam The Bellhop by Bill Malone".

    # Shipwrecked - Another fun storytelling trick. Found on Bill Malone's DVD-series "Here I go again" (vol. 3 I think). It's a variation on Daryl's trick "Diamond bar".

    # Dr. Fun - Mentalism-effect with cards created by Paul Harris. Extremely powerful and very very easy to do. Before the trick starts you write a prediction on the back of a random playing card. A spectator (can of course be one you've never met before) tells you something he or she did many many years ago, like a holidaytrip, something that happened at school etc. When the story is told, you reveal the prediction to be the excact same thing as the spectator told. You have even drawn a picture of it and it's correct! Can be found on "True Astonisment by Paul Harris" dvd 4. Very strong.

    # Twilight Angels - It starts as a classic pick-a-card-trick, but that's not the trick at all and it has a shocking ending. Classic Paul Harris trick. Paul Harris himself has repeatedly said that this may be his ALL time favourite effect to do with cards. If it's good enough for Paul, it sure is good enough for you! Can be found on "True Astonishment by Paul Harris" dvd 1.

    # Invisible Palms - Yet another Paul Harris effect. The version I like is the one performed by Bill Malone on his dvd-series "On The Loose" (vol.2, 3 or 4). Wayne Houchin has a nice version too, which can be found on "True Astonisment by Paul Harris" dvd 7.

    # Big Tiny - Some of you guys has mentioned it before, and I have to mention it again. It's a killer. It really is. People are speachless after this one. People often requests me to do this trick again when I meet them later (even months!). The spectator writes a message on the side of the deck, the deck is then shuffled, and then delt into four piles BY the spectator. When you put the four piles on top of eachother, making it the whole deck again, the message that the spectator wrote can now be read four times at det side of the deck! Another masterpiece by Paul Harris, whic can be found on "True Astonishments by Paul Harris" dvd 1 or 2.

    # Perfection - A strange mentalism effect. You give the spectator half the deck and you shuffle each of your halfs. Then you and the spectator are starting to deal the cards at the table, at the same time, one card at the time, only to find out that you are dealing the same cards (example, you dealing the 2S, the spectator deals 2C, then you deal the 6H, he deals the 6D etc)! by Oz Pearlman. Really great effect.

    # Marlo's Color Changing Deck - by Ed Marlo. What I think makes this version different is that it uses a different plot than the classic pick-a-card-trick. In other versions you often have to pick a card, then you find the card and then the deck changes color. Here, the changing of the color of deck is in focus (the spectators doesn't know this). Can be found on Bill Malone's DVD-series "Here I go again" vol. 1 or 2. One of the cleanest versions out there.

    # Sow By The Lug - by Benjamin Earl. Gambling-theme. You and the spectator takes half the deck each and shuffles them up. After shuffling and cutting the deck several times, you and the spectator deals into four piles each. You turn the top card on each of your piles and reveals that you have delt yourself a four of a kind, let's say four kings. Then the spectator turns the the top card of each of his piles and he has delt himself four aces! Remember, you don't touch his deck at any time! Can be found on Benjamin Earl's excellent DVD-series "Past Midnight", on disc 2.

    # Four Card Reiteration - You give four cards to the spectator and let him make sure that it's four cards, and four cards only. He gives you the cards back and you tell him that whenever you put one card on the table, you still have four cards in your hands (showing four cards of course). You do this again, putting another card on the table, but still you have four cards in your hands. You do this several time, but you always have four cards no matter how many cards you put a side! This is a trick by Dan Garrett, which Michael Close has made some small adjustments on. It can be found on Michael Close's dvd-series "The Ultimate Workers" vol. 3. You can also find another version of it on Bill Malone's DVD-series "Here I go again", vol.3 i think. I think it's called "The Famous Six Card Trick". It has the same plot, but are using 6 cards instead of four, and with a different handling.

    # Torn and restored - Many versions out there, each one with pros and cons. Daniel Garcia ("Torn"), John Lovick ("Reparation") and Guy Hollingworth ("The Reformation") have in my opinion the best versions out there. Daniel Madison is named earlier in this thread, so is Mathieu Bich. John Van Der Put has also a great version of it, called VDP.

    # Brainless Travellers - An excellent trick by James Brown. This version of the "Strange Travellers-trick" has two, instead of one, climaxes, done all impromptu, non-gimmicked and can also be done with a borrowed deck. Check it out on his dvd "Still Fancy A Pot Of Jam by James Brown"

    # Gemini Twins (Ending Story) - Another storytelling trick. This is originally a trick by Brother John Hammond, but this version is by Bill Malone, from his DVD-series "On The Loose". Not sure on which volume. Bill Malone uses pretty much the same handling as Brother John Hammond, but has a different pattern, which I like much better. Great trick which always gets great reactions.

    Like I wrote in the beginning, I consider this trick to be something different than ordinary pick-a-card-tricks (which is what you asked for). And also, some of the tricks may be excactly the kind of tricks you are looking for, others not. Either way, I recommend you checking them out as they all are excellent tricks. Let me also say that many of the tricks are impromptu, done right at the spot, while others either requires a small set-up, done right in front of the spectators, or a bigger one, which has to be done before the performance. Only two of the tricks, "Twilight Angels" and "Torned and restored", requires a gimmick.

    I hope this will help! :)

  19. thats amazing, im glad you liked the idea of the thread.
    i have to look into all of those
  20. Amen. :p (post is too short, says Forum, 10 characters, huh)

    Edit: I think I'll contribute too.

    If you like to use gaffs, use 'em, it'll blow their heads off.

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