The most powerful effect usiing playing cards

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  1. I forgot to mention these three effects in my previous post, so I'll write these down now.

    # Cannibal cards - Funny storytelling trick by Lin Searles. You tell the audience that there are four cannibal cards in the deck that eat other playing cards. You then show the four kings (the K standing for Kannibal) in your hands and proceed. You take a random card from the deck and put it in between the kings, pretending that the kings eats their "victim". When the kings have "eaten" the card, you then clearly showing that the card is gone and that you only have the four kings left! You repeat this a couple of times, adding one random card in between the kings, and clearly shows that you still have only four cards. Very nice and funny trick to do, which the audiences like a lot. You can find the trick on Michael Ammar's excellent dvd-series "Easy to master card miracles" vol.1. Bill Malone has also created his own version of the trick, which I like better. This can be found on Bill Malone's DVD-series "Here I go again" vol. 2 or 3. I've heard there are other versions too, but I don't know any of them.

    # Cellmates - trick by Paul Harris. The spectator shuffles the deck and when dealing out the top cards and reads out value of each card (not the suite), she discovers that cards is the same as her phonenumber! Pretty cool trick this too, especially when doing this to someone you don't know!

    # Haunted deck - Can it get more magic/spooky/creepy than this? The spectator chooses a card and it's lost in the deck. Then you cast a shadow over the cards and the cards cuts them self, without you touching them, and the selected cards pops out of the deck, BY ITSELF! Really cool effect I highly recommend. I know, it's a pick-a-card-trick. But it has an extremely unusual, cool and magical ending! This is how real magic looks like! Many sources to check out here, like Michael Ammar, Yigal Mesika, Steve Fearson +++.

    Like I said in my previous post, try these out! They are all excellent tricks and gets great reactions every time. The first trick is all impromptu, the second requires a set-up that is possible to do in front of the audience if you know how to cull. The third trick requires a gimmick. If you don't know what this gimmick is or you don't have, I recommend you get it a.s.a.p.

  2. There are a lot of powerfull effects with cards. The ones that i like to do is probably Estimation Aces which has a nice hint of gambling as well as magic to it and the audience is just baffled by the routine.

  3. Added to the number of people who haven't read the thread :p
  4. I dont think cannibal cards and estimation aces is part of the genre of card magic that he wants.

    Joker-you should try imagery by branden wolf when it comes out.
    Its exactly as you want. A card effect that isnt about picking a card,shuffling,gambling,or any sandwhich,transpo kind of thing.
    Check it out on Dee christophers site
  5. He can do tivo and de ja vu too,
  6. Did you not read the thread?
    He doesnt want those kind of card tricks. Because they're card tricks!!
    He asks for card tricks that dont use cards in a normal way(normal to us).
    Tivo is a normal,card trick. A transpo. Deja vu,same thing.
    He looks for something unique.

    Read the entire thread on what kind of card magic he wants
  7. lol i dont think people will ever learn
  8. sounds exactly what i want, ill be looking into that when it comes out.
    i will be checking out dees site more often

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