The most powerful effect usiing playing cards

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  1. Probablly Hand to Mouth, or Portal, because they are both simple and complicated at the same time.
  2. There are no single best resources.

    I perform all three of those effects listed, and the fact is that each of those three effects is a culmination of half a dozen different sources and methods each. Even when using, say, Derren Brown's psychological forces, principles from Banachek's Psychological Subtleties 2 come into play. But I would never be where I am with them had I not researched guys like Hilford. So there are some sources for that.

    The Berglas Effect and The Open Prediction are both legendary effects with storied histories. A little research on either should give you some nice ideas - obviously, first thing to do would be to read about Berglas, and read about Marlo (NB: Not as in, reading the method, but read about the effect). And go from there.

    In my opinion, the best way to get the most out of these effects is to do a lot of research, find every source you can on it - and work out your own version of the effect with what you have. When you hit the right path, when you discover your own path through the maze of authors of ACAAN effects, and Open Prediction effects, then you're most likely to be ready for them, and to make the most of them.
  3. Also The Biddle Trick, Search and Destroy, Sloppy Shuffle Triumph, The Queens, Parallel, Jackpot and Inked
  4. those are card tricks, we want tricks that arent card tricks but involve cards
  5. I've got to say one of the best tricks that gets awesome reactions is a card transpo in someones hand.
  6. Oh my god im literally laughing out loud.
    A bunch of people keep suggesting the exact tricks your telling them are not what we are talking about here.Sheesh haha
  7. Does anyone pay attention anymore?
  8. i guess not haha
  9. And the douchebag of the day award goes to...
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  11. Ultimate 3 card monte

    I know what this topic is about, but I still believe this fits the criteria. It has become one of my personal favorites. I present it as a game of chance, and make the audience believe I am manipulating the cards, and then the kicker is really something extraordinary.
  12. Surely Kolossal Killer is exactly the sort of thing he's looking for? It may use playing cards but that's all it's got in common with traditional card tricks. Depending on how you present it, it can be hypnosis, an example of psychological suggestion or straight up mentalism.
  13. A trick with cards thats not a card trick. I'm gonna try a little deductive reasoning here. Obviously the trick must be performed with cards, but in order to qualify for this it must be able to be peformed WITHOUT the cards. That means if you can't do the trick if you don't have cards then it doesn't make this thread. Therefore 95% of this thread = not what you were looking for at all including mine because i had no idea what you were talking about at the time, but i get it now. The big tiny would work, but it would be a pain to do on something else. The bleeding tarot card also works if you can perform it on a drawing or something else of the sort. I dont recognize some of the others so i cant comment including kolossal killer and all the tricks that praetoritevong said. (tried unsuccessfully to find performances online)

    1. Any card is a playing card e.g. tarot, business, credit, etc.
  14. That's not exactly correct; what he is asking for are effects that may use cards, but in a manner which is novel, underused, or unusual, for example.

    Not so much that they can't be card tricks. But for example, it could be argued that psychological forces are not really card tricks, although they use cards.
  15. I though that at first as well which is why i suggested the trick that i did, but then i read this:

  16. im sorry im not good at explaining things
  17. Now I think you're misunderstanding. Just because a trick uses cards, doesn't make it a card trick.

    A trick that uses cards, but in an unusual or novel way.

    That should be easy enough to understand. I think there was just an unfortunate use of words. I have several effects using cards, where it is quite clear it is much more than a mere card trick.
  18. Thats what i was saying earlier about a trick that can be done with cards, but isnt necessarily a card trick because it can also be done without cards. I guess i should not have eliminated tricks that can't be done without cards that are still using them in a novel way, which i must say is few and far between.
  19. Mental photography always gets them, especially if when they ask to see the deck, you do a switch and they spend ages looking at regular cards.
  20. Invisible Deal by Derren Brown

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