the most versitile sleight you know

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  1. palm/ passes/ steals etc.

    what is one move that you are good at and think as the most applications
  2. The force
    The pass
    The palm

    Those 3 alone can create miracles
  3. I believe everybody needs a solid card control. I use a control that I have "created" (similar controls have already been created, but I came up with it on my own) and it can be used to control single or multiple cards to anywhere in the deck-top, bottom, middle between two kings, etc. I feel that this control is the most versatile move I know because you need to control a card in a majority of card tricks, and with just this move and the variations possible there is no need to know another control.
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    The Pinky Count. I use in in 80% or more of my tricks and routines.
  5. Probably the palm. Im not sure, but It's definately one of the most useful to create miracles. Once you learn to palm, you litteraly open an entirely NEW WORLD of magic.
  6. I love the cull.
  7. The DL
    And the Gamblers Cop - Thanks DM
  8. No mention of the key card? None at all? Shame.
  9. Is the key card really considered a sleight, though?
  10. Perhaps more accurately labeled a utility, but I still consider it a non-negotiable part of the professional's toolbox. I've used it in most of my paid shows until recently.
  11. The Force and the Double Lift are both extremely versatile.
  12. I honestly can't imagine anything more versatile than a force. The only thing that would come close would be a palm... but the force technically can even eliminate all the physical limitations behind the palm. And forces can take the place of any controls, double lifts (in order to hid the back of a card, not as a switch), and it takes the idea of the key card to a whole new level.

    I would say that a magician armed with a spread force and a riffle force could perform nothing but card magic for the rest of their career, and be damned good.
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    Palms are useful because they can be used as controls too, to the dismay of my small hands. Can't palms also be used as (a little bit awkward) forces too?
  14. control, force and full deck false shuffle.
  15. Gambler's Cop, Single-Card Shift (single card straddle pass) and the almighty Second Deal

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