The Next theory11 Artist - 07.02.2008

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. The next theory11 artist will be revealed in a full length preview this Wednesday, July 2nd at 11:00pm EST. See the first glimpse video posted a few moments ago, and be there for the official unveiling on Wednesday night...
  2. Awesome!! No clue....Richard? Lol that's all I could think of. The handstand-thingy at the end was awesome. In case you can't tell, I like the word "awesome."
  3. Damn I look good in that video.
  4. Pretty soon this website is going to need to be called theory15...
  5. Haha... I hope so.
  6. its Jimmy Buck

    the older, unspoken of, brother.
  7. I call Andrei, that's my guess.
  8. EDIT: I have a hunch who it is...
  9. its katie rocking a new hair cut. its just severely edited so we wont know until wed. lol
  10. 1984.bail-saint-paul
  11. I am rockin' a shorter 'do but not quite THAT short.

  12. Awesome video. If that's Andrei, I'm going to scream like a giddy schoolgirl. Can't wait to see the full vid on Wednesday.

  13. Almost ;)

  14. Daym Katie E looked good in that video showing off her latest Buck Flourishes and acrobatic stunts lol.
  15. What the heck is up with the reference to Cirque du Soleil? Was he in it?

  16. Ahh i didnt read the other post before posting lol.
    I thought i was the first to say it was you Katie lol.
    Oh wells.
  17. It better not be Richard, that's fo sho. He knows where he truly belongs. And Andrei is way too good for this place. Andrei is to good for for anywhere pretty much, but he also knows where he belongs. As long as it's not those two people, and it's someone who's good at magic or something like Paul Wilson, I'd be happy.
  18. this is very anoying this vid wont play!
    subbmited videos i can take but an offical video!
  19. It looks a lot like Andrei..
  20. Lol. Why are you even here if you hate this place so much?
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