The Piracy Problem

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by partyboy, Nov 23, 2008.

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    ... its a private torrent MAGIC site with over 1000 members with over 5000 files many of which are active on tis forum and lots others for example trigun0x2 and vietiscool. it even has thread by wayne hoochin already posted and there are 105 peoples who have downloaded it already. i got in because i am good at manpitulationng people to see what is it all abouts.. PLEASE EVERYONE AT THEORY11 AND MR BAYME SHUT DOWN THIS WEBSITE THEY POST EVERY 1ON1 LIKES 30 MINUTES AFER YOU RELEASE IT ADN THERE ARE HUNDRED PEOPLE WHO DOWNLOAD IT........

    it is unethicals and mean and not write that they do this..... i hope they get shut down........ please mr. bayme call the fbi.... they steal from all of our dear magicians...

  2. All you are doing is leading more people to torrents. If you really wanted to get this website shutdown, it would be much better to contact the artists privately.
  3. I'm going to forward this thread to Mr.Raiker but, for the future PLEASE do not post the link of the site. It only furthers the traffic they get.

    There's no real need for this thread now so, I'll close it.

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