The Prophecy by Peter Eggink

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  1. The Prophecy by Peter Eggink

    First off I need to say that I love Peters thinking to all of his tricks because of their simplicity. This new effect I have bought is pretty cool and a nice original idea.

    The Book. 6/10
    I personally do not like books because many of them require previous knowledge of a move or trick beforehand. This is one of those times that you will need to know a special move, although its not difficult it can be knacky when working with the wrong angles.

    The Teaching 7/10
    As I said I do not like books and this is one of those reasons why. He does a pretty good job I guess and explains the effect, gimmick, card case, and other additional ideas for the trick. There is also a frame effect for the last move of the trick.

    The Handling 8/10
    Its actually a pretty simple trick but the gimmick and case make the trick worthwhile. 34 bucks though is a little more than it should be imho, and I have created my own already. Pay attention to everything and with just a little misdirection this trick is cake.

    The Effect 8/10
    When I first saw this effect I was blown away and when I actually do it now its a somwhat blah. I do a great presentation about the mind thing etc. When I do it some people they love it alot, people really do love this trick but personal preference really tells me that there are better ways and one of them imo is The extractor.

    I would recommend buying this if you can really present this well and make it a trick that they will remember for more than a week.

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