The Rejected Card-deck that moves when closed

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by AceHoudin, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. This is a new idea of mine called the Rejected Card. Even though the patter could definitely be changed and improved, the basic action is this: A deck is split in half and when the spectator tries to put the deck back together, the bottom half moves away. In between the two packets is found to be the spectator's card. Any ideas and or comments regarding the deck in any way? The effect is quite simple but I think the deck has much potential.
  2. My first thought would be magnets. I'm sure this could be presented in a way that would make interesting, magical or funny (or all of them), but just the description doesn't do anything for me.

    EDIT: By the way, was there supposed to be a video?
  3. Sounds like a good use for Loops.

    Multiphase routine, using something along the lines of the Haunted Deck. Maybe even end with Kundalini Rising if it's not overkill.
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  5. Yeah. It's a concept. I don't know much more than that to say. As is, it does nothing for me and it just looks like a magnet is embedded in the deck somehow. Whether that's how it's done or not is irrelevant because it looks so much like magnets that no other solution will even be considered.

    It would need a much stronger presentation to have any chance.
  6. This looks like a poorly made haunted deck.
  7. It looks like you're just nudging the card with your thumb.
  8. That's what I thought upon watching the video, until the low profile view.
    It doesn't move enough to seem like anything magical. From the original post I was expecting either more of a jump, or a haunted deck looking slide (moving a lot either with relatively high speed or distance (6" or a foot?).
  9. loops might work
  10. Looks extremely boring and not impressive at all. The original Haunted deck or rising card deck pretty much do a better job of having the card try to escape from the pack.

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