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  1. Arguably the best thing about a magic convention is the Sessioning that happens in bars, lobbies and corridors.

    So the session proves to be a crazy weekend of learning, in intimate detail, from some of the pros of magic.

    Seen as one of the guests; Chris Kenner, happens to be involved with this site I thought i'd start a thread here to see who's attending this year?
  2. I went in 2007 and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. It changed everything about my magic.

    Most conventions are big, spread out with hundreds / thousands of people dispersed throughout, all craving to get a bit of time with their favourite pro's.

    The Sessions changes all that.

    It all takes place in a small hotel lobby and small-ish sort of function room. There's only 130 attendees and over the weekend, you get to spend really intimate, long periods of time, just "sessioning" with some of the best names in them.

    The line up this years, stands like this (so far!):

    - Dani Daortiz
    - Wayne Houchin
    - Eric Jones
    - Chris Kenner
    - Alex Pandrea
    - Kaiona Harbottle
    - Michael Vincent
    - Jonh Archer
    - Vinny Deponto

    Oh, and the price is only £80.

    Anyone who doesn't go, if they have the opportunity to, is really missing out on the most special event on the magic calender.


    P.s. If anyone is unsure because they may not no anyone there, hit me up on Facebook and I'll hang out with you there.
    Lloyd Barnes | Facebook
  3. It reads really good :)

    I'm going for my first time (second convention), and I really expect it to be great.

    Yoann aka Flegz will also be there too ;)

  4. I wish I could go to all these conventions... No one ever comes to Australia though :(

    Line up looks amazing.
  5. I will not be attending that particular convention but WOW....what a lineup! Sometimes the best conventions are the little ones is the rinky dink hotels where the jamming in the outer lobby is just as much fun as the lecturers presenting.
  6. 2 days away ladies and gents.

    Anyone else register for this from this forum?
  7. Yarp :D

    I'll be going for my first time this year. I normally tackle conventions with a friend of mine but alas he couldn't make it due to University exams (it's my reward for finishing my one and only exam actually). This means I will know absolutely no-one there, so feel free to come and show the socially awkward penguin looking guy some awesome magic. :)

    - Sean

    (actually I'll probably see one or 2 people from my local club, but I'm not officially part of it and they're only really people I know of and have sat with occasionally :p)
  8. I'm shaking like a sh!tting dog with excitement!

    Sean, I just added you on Facebook, I'll hang with you man :)

  9. Hah, you're telling me :p and you've been before! Thanks though :) I won't feel completely out of place now haha.

    - Sean
  10. I tend to think of myself as a one man wolf pack. But when my sister brought Lloyd home, I knew he was one of my own. And my wolf pack, it grew by one. So there… there was two of us in the wolf pack. I was alone first in the pack and Lloyd joined in later. And 4 minutes ago, when this forum introduced me to this Sean Raf fella... I thought “wait a second, could it be?” And now I know for sure, I just added one more guy to my wolf pack. Three of us wolves, running around the desert together in Cheltenham, looking for strippers and cocaine.....

    THE forum post of 2012. I'm laughing out so loud that my mum is asking what I'm laughing at over and over but I can't show her because I know she will actually literally P!SS herself laughing!
  12. I went. It was awesome. As always, had my perspective flipped on a lot of aspects and theories on my own magic.

    Some highlights for me were, the Dani Daortiz performance. He did three 30 minute shows, back to back, and each time fooled every magician in the convention. It was so good, I didn't even want to watch the lecture on how his material was done because I loved that sense of astonishment I was in.

    Wayne Houchin did very well routined & polished performance and lecture. Really in depth, honest and open lecture and it was really nice to see that it wasn't a big sales pitch for his products.

    The finale of the convention was a Chris Kenner talk. Wow. How funny is Kenner?! I never knew how good he actually was 'till this. He did 2 comedy magic effects, really fun, played very very well. He talked about shooting videos and making them look good and spoke about how not to "shoot" yourself. He talked about Torn Asunder and showed the very first video performance video of it that he'd shot, only 3 - 4 people had ever seen it before he showed it this weekend, incredible!! Kenner gave a very opinionated speech at the end, talking about how much of a bad rep the older generation gives the younger generation, too long to explain in full but basically put he put a lot of people in their places and knocked them down the peg or two. It was something that's needed to be said for a long time and it was brilliant of Kenner to stand up in front of all them magicians in that room and say it. He went on to be interviewed for a while and did a Q&A session with the crowd. Then Chris was awarded the Lifetime Achievement award and then Homer Liwag played a special dedication video to Kenner, featuring the likes of Michael Webber, David Copperfield, Mac King, Dan White and a load of others. It was really heartfelt and super super funny, such a cracking end to a brilliant talk. To top it off, everyone got a specially designed (by Homer Liwag) poster of Chris Kenner, which he signed for everyone at the end.

    But overall, The Sessions Convention is all about sessioning with everyone, at the bar, having fun, catching up with old friends and making a load of new ones. This year, topped the rest and I had some truly priceless moments this weekend.

    This is a quick wrap up, I'll probably write up some more later.


    P.s. Going nightclubbing with Eric Jones and some others 'till 5 in the morning is a baaaad idea.
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    I second that, when someone goes clubbing until 5 with eric jones, laura london and others is a bad idea, especially when your sleeping in the same hotel room as them.

    Also i totally agree, absolutely amazing weekend it was, learnt so much about the theory of magic and improvements to my presentation. Highlights were sessioning until 5:30 in the morning with dani daortiz, bottle bombing with eric jones and meeting chris kenner, defos going next year.

    I hope to see you there, it's a hell of a laugh.

    Dan Parsons

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