The solution Michael murray

Feb 1, 2019
I’ve heard about this trick but haven’t found any reviews on it. It seems pretty mind blowing how the spectator can seemingly solve the cube behind their back. And considering the tutorial is a book I’m guessing it can be done with a normal cube. What’s the level of difficulty is it and is it practical to perform wherever to go?


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Sep 13, 2008
I think it's very good.

Difficulty level is pretty low. If you can hold something between your thumb and middle finger and wiggle your index and ring finger, you can do this trick. It's mostly about the physical blocking and scripting that makes it work.

It's a normal cube. But I do recommend finding a smooth 'speed cube' - they tend to be quieter and easier to use. I found them on Amazon for a low amount - I think around $10 USD. I got 3 just in case.

BTW - if you can't actually solve the cube yourself, this is a very useful page:
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