The Ten Theories?


Jan 6, 2008
im always right... lol nah marketing was a bit of a joke but it is true, in a good way!

brb, ive got to clean myself up after spilling a beverage due to the rock, paper, scissors game between JB and Dan white... :D

Sep 2, 2007
now that brings the question to my mind how is theory11 the next step ?

They don't. They're a magic shop. They're a good one, but we never really saw what the "guarded, underground" whatever it was that they were talking about. I expected a dvd, book, or some other such thing that would teach some principle or theory that elite magicians had kept amongst themselves because that's what we were led to believe we were getting. Instead we got a magic store. It's a good one, don't get me wrong, but in the end it's just another store, not some new theory that will take magic to the next level.
Sep 1, 2007
on Theory11.
Ok... are there more than just 10 theories? Because I can't seem to fit one of my FAVORITE pieces of magic into any one of the listed 10...
Here are a few examples of my favorite type of magic.

What exactly to you call this unique manipulation?
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