The Trilogy By Dan And Dave // Disk 1: Tricks

Sep 12, 2007
Edinburgh, Scotland
I have been waiting for two weeks to recive this, and the wait was worth it. I am going to go over when I recived this, what the box is like and the Tricks Disk. I will do the other disks seperatly.

When i got home, and found a package from Dan And Dave , i was very exited. The Trilogy had finaly come!

I ripped open the package and took out the box...

The box is fantastic. It is smooth, shiney and silver tricksandflourishesandeverythignelse written on it, and Dan and Daves signiture written on it with a silver pen. Flip the box over and see the contense of The Trilogy and a couple of photos of card flourishes. Take out the main section and a photo of DnD doing flourishes is in grey. Open the two halfs and see DnD facing each other in the desert. Open it yet again to see all three Trilogy disks in order and a small booklet. The tricks DVD is the one at the begining and i will start with that one first:


The amount of detail that goes into explaining each trick is Phenonomal! I can't believe DnD have crammed so much onto one disk. The effects are mind blowing. I will list each one and give a description of the effect and teaching
Tivo Transpo: Two cards change places. The teaching is very clear and nothing is left unturned. Using some clever slight of hand, the cards are flicked and changed. I need alot of practice on this one...

Tivo 2.0: A variation of Tivo Transpo, where the card is just flicked and changed. Again, the teaching is great and clear. I have been practicing this one for a couple months, as i got this as a 1 on 1 to see what the teaching is like. Almost got it down, the putting out of the card is quite hard.

Subway: A card is selected and two others are turned face down.You seperate the pack and push there card in, while there same card travels to the opposite pack in between the face up cards. I am having alot of trouble with this one, and am finding it hard to put the card in the right place. Great teaching

Card across: A card is selected, the pack is cut with the card sticking out. The card is pushed in and then appears in the other packet of cards.This is completely different from Subway. I am yet to try this one, but the one i am about to write about is the only trick i can do with is the easiest one in The Trilogy.

Hand To Mouth: Using the same principles as Card across, but the card appears in your mouth. I highly enjoyed this one, as it does not wreck the card. My favorite trick to do.

Deja Vu: Two cards are selected and are moved around the pack. One of the cards is placed on a table. The other card is wound around the aces and then changes to the card on the table. The card on the table is now the card that jsut changed. A very cool trick, hard but certainly worth watching. I am still to tackle this one.

Twinsplit Remix: The three of clubs is shown. The magician pinches one pf the pips and rips it off, leaving and ace of clubs and the two of clubs. He then places the two on the deck, throws the ace back onto the 2 and it changes back to the three. You end Completely clean. The change is very difficult to master, but when it is done correctly looks amazing. One of the ones i have yet to even have a go a, let alone try it. It also comes with a bonus effect, named Fisson for Aces, which uses the same method as Twinsplit Remix.

Hofzzy Osbourne: The magician shows a card, loses it into the deck and reveals the four aces. He uses the aces to determine the suit of the card, and then leaves them on the table. He then locates a card, which will determine the card number. Now he knows the number he changes the card into the chosen card, but then leaves and ace. Then down on the table between the aces is the chosen card. Very good effect and very good teaching. I am still to try this one.
The Queens: The magician shows four queens, and, one by one, makes them vanish. Then all the queens come back to the top of the deck and are displayed in a fancy manor. One of the more easier tricks, but is still hard and requires alot of practice to make each queen vanish.

Swiss Made: A time travel experiment where a chosen card is lost in the deck. Another random card is chosen. The magician sweeps the card off the deck as the chosen card appears. One of the hardest i have tried, as i cannot make the cards do what they are supposed to do. Very clear teaching and is covered from all angles.

Collectors: Two cards are selected,and lost in the deck. Then the four aces are produced, with the two chosen cards in between. A nice trick, one that looks good and then can lead into a trick using the four aces.

Hedbergs Peak: The magician turns over the top two cards. One is placed at the bottom and the other one left on top. With a click, the bottom card switches places with the top card, are shown and then switch back. Yet another one i am still yet to try. The teaching confused me a little bit with this, but with a few more goes i will be able to do it.

69: Four sixes are held in the magicians hand, with no deck. They are mixed up, and get "Dizzy" so they don't know if
they are a six or a nine. Then they actually do turn to nines! A great closer or opener of a routine, especially if you are doing restaurant magic. I am finding this one a little confusing, but i am sure i will get there eventually.

Teaching: 8/10
Effects: 9/10
Overall: 9.5/ 10

A great DVD, i would highly recomened getting. Infact, pick up the whole set! One of the best sets i own, and not to be missed. If you order at Dan And Dave , you can get a signed version. The sligts are for Intermediat-Advanced level, but if practised well enough, can become second nature. Dan and Dave atually say in there booklet that the tricks are NOT suppost to be learnt step by step, but that you add your own moves to fit your style and, if needed, to make it easier for you to do.
You can expect a grat deal from all of the set. Some might think it is overpriced, but for the amount you get, it is totaly worth it. It is $.75.00 from Theory11, and $85.00 from Dan and Dave, but if you buy at Dan and Dave, you can get specil acsess to "The Valt", which you can view things from The System, and also see some really tight footage from The Twins. In total, there are 20 videos.You also gain "Trilogest" status on there fourums. So, if you want to learn more, get it at DnD. Im not trying to diss Theory11, as they have it cheaper, but you get more when you buy at DnD.

In short, The Trilogy was an exelent purchase. Look out for my Flourish disk review and my Everything else review coming in the near future. I will post the links here when i am done.

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