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  1. I recently purchased 'Flicker Shot' by the Virts and I am facing an issue.
    I went through all of their tutorial videos with the purchase but found no answer to my problem.

    When doing the flicker shot, the issue I'm facing is the "Arc" boomerangs away from my body and then back instead of towards me then away. I hope I explained my problem properly.

    I don't want to continue practice until I find a solution as I feel that I'm doing something wrong, anyone else faced this problem?
    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I guess you should start by tilting your hand from the base position to the left (if you are doing with your right hand) and this is important tilting JUST YOUR WRIST towards you. Don't move the entire hand just tilt your wrist towards you.
  3. I know this is kind of late, but I'll still try to help with your question. If you watched the Flicker Shot video 9 or 10, which is either the practice tips or performance tips, Huron says that you need to pinch the card with your thumb, not with your index or middle finger. The pinching from the thumb makes the effect of an "inverted" arc. For example card shots like Hot Shot would make the card go away from you, and then go back, which would happen also if you pinch your Flicker Shot without your thumb. Hope this helps!

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