The Weekly Debate : #1

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dylan P., Nov 7, 2008.

  1. wow.... what a long lasting super awesome debate :confused:

  2. No. By all means if you want to debate still go for it. I mean that I simpkly just can't find a loophole for me to use to my advantage. But if you still wish to make an argument, go for it!

    Dylan P.
  3. There isn't much left to debate. I think he was sarcastically telling you that your question was dumb. (Like others have before him.)
  4. Hey guys! I fully admit that this question was kind of dumb but I would like to inform you that I have recently been sent a question for the new topic. This one is good.

  5. Debater's,

    Due to the lack of thought that went in to this weeks topic, it will be closing earkly. This thread will still be here if you'd like to discuss this topic but I am going to post the second topic today and it will not change untill next saturday.

    Thank You,
    Dylan Piknick
  6. wow good detective skills there sherlock
  7. I have wondered before if he really is an "endurance artist" or just a very good illusionist.

    When he broke the record for holding his breath the longest, could that not have been an illusion. I just find it strange that a specially constructed round tank had to be built. I remember seeing the "masked magician" being buried alive. When it was revealed how it is done, you see how deceiving it is for the audiene, whilst it is almost as if spent a night in a motel room.

    I really think that he is such a good illusionist that all his endurance acts are an illusion.

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