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  1. This coming Monday at 8:30am EST, David Blaine will begin one of the most intense endurance challenges of his career. He will be lifted 5 stories up in the air in public view above Central Park's Wollman Rink, and he will remain suspended upside down for 60 hours - 3 full days.

    I've been in NYC all week in production of a few top secret projects, and the quick podcast below was recorded by DB and me this afternoon, Friday, September 19th, 2008. Listen to the podcast below for exclusive details on the special and endurance challenge never before revealed.

    If you can make it to NYC to see it live - come out to support David. If not, watch the ABC special live this coming Wednesday, September 24th at 9:00pm EST. This special is not all about the stunt - it's about the magic. Dan White, Daniel Garcia, Doug McKenzie, and countless other top artists in this industry worked night and day to find, create, and put together the magic for this special. And it shows.

    LISTEN to the podcast now.
    DOWNLOAD as an mp3.
  2. Cool! I downloaded it, is it only meant to be 44 seconds long?
  3. yup. preety short
  4. Pretty short, eh? Oh well, at least it's something!
  5. Whats the deal with the thing hes flying to do today? (Ill let you listen to find out)

    Will it be on the special Wednesday or is it for a show there or something?

    Or is it a wait and see type deal? Everyone always loves surprises:rolleyes:
  6. For those of you who don't know, Carl Skenes Jr. has performed here in Orlando for the past several years as the character of Andy Mation at Walt Disney World. He makes elaborate balloon sculptures of Disney characters while delivering funny and informative patter about their history.

    In the 1980s, Carl established himself as the only person to ever do a real bullet catch. He performed it on the television show "That's Incredible". He would hold a small metal container in his mouth; a receptacle for the bullet which was fired by his wife (she insisted on being the only one to fire the gun).

    Carl hasn't done this for many years. It is, of course, extremely dangerous.

    P.S. Does anyone know where this event is taking place in Orlando, or if it will be viewable by the public?
  7. Wait a second, he said it would be broadcast live....for 60 hours? Could someone clear this up?
  8. i think its only the finale thats being broadcast live
  9. Does anyone have any info on where he'll be doing his bullet catch in Orlando?
  10. Correct - the full stunt will be in view of anyone that wants to come by in NYC's Central Park. The end of the stunt will be broadcasted live with the special on Wednesday at 9pm EST.
  11. what happened to him doin sleep deprivation? did that already happen, still planned, or canceled?
  12. The sleep deprivation stunt is on hold for now.
  13. I don't know, for me, I think the bullet catch went out in the 1800's! Even if it is an actual bullet catch, people today will always suspect trickery. I saw the Carl Skenes Jr. performance ages ago on That's Incredible. If my memory serves me right, he has a metal box in his mouth where the bullet appears after it is fired. I think the real skill here is the one firing the bullet! But the balls go to the bullet catcher. I hope he hasn't pissed off his wife lately! (since she insists that she has to be the only one to fire the bullet)

    I am looking forward to the magic portion of the so called "Dive of Death" stunt on Wednesday. He needs to incorporate more of the consultant magicians on his boring stunt specials. He better be careful about having a serious backlash from the viewers. We all remember what happened in England where they threw stuff at him in that Plexiglas box over the river Thames shouting for him to go back to America. I am not trying to be cynical here but lets be realistic about this. I do however believe that David Blaine really brought the art back into our lives by doing his street magic specials which I am sure we all enjoy. But these endurance stunts are just ridiculous. I think though that as long as he gets sponsors willing to pay we will continue to be subjected to this sort of thing. Please do more walk around street magic shows David!!!!!

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