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theory11 live : One Year Anniversary :: 08.31.2008


ceo / theory11
Team member
Jul 23, 2007
New York City
Tonight is special, and to us - tonight is sacred. Tonight marks our one year anniversary. Happy birthday theory11 - everybody sing along.

This date marks an extremely meaningful occasion for our entire crew - and all of you guys that have been our foundation and support since day one. It means more to us than words can describe, and we appreciate it more than any of you can imagine. Wayne and crew are returning from Sorcerer's Safari in Canada, and it's been a busy week all around. There's no way I could post on this occasion just by myself, so I waited to post this until right now (3am) so CK and I could make a quick podcast to mark the occasion.

Listen as we discuss what we have accomplished in the past year, what we hope to accomplish in the next, and a seemingly endless supply of Daniel Garcia jokes from CK. On a serious note - above all else, special thanks to all of our members, all of our artists, all of our crew, and everyone else for making this happen. Cheers to another amazing year.

Congrats one the 1 year mark, I hope to see many more to come.
EDIT: Lets get the Wire happening this year huh?
I'm one of the 'one or two members' who isn't in the USA, and it's 8:53 pm over here.
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Sep 1, 2007
well I just finished listening the podcast , and I can just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY Theory11, and CK those jokes were funny specially the Cooking Book one, LOL , well I'll wait for new things to come , and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Katie , although your birthday is in a week , and I would definitely love to go to that party.

EDIT: And that Torture King is crazy i saw him featured in Ripley's Believe it or Not! some time ago
Nov 8, 2007
Happy Birthday, T11! One hell of a year you guys had.

Also, thanks for posting a "Download Podcast" link.
Nov 17, 2007
Congrats guys. Thanks so much for all the help you've done for me over the past year. Love everything ya'll do. The SNCs, the 1on1s, the DVDs, the battle system, everything is top notch. Thanx.
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