theory11 news bulletin 09/10/08 : Special Presentation

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Sep 10, 2008.

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  1. So he just got the money, or hasn't gotten around to it, or he's been very busy, or he has lots of things on a want list - they're all reasons he might not have had the chance to get the book yet.
  2. Your not the only one bro. Many were having trouble getting the thingy correct.

    Katie tried to be helpful with this in the Product questions so maybe if they refilmed it she put a bug in his ear to go over it a little more. She says
    Ha, I love it.

    Correct. It wont. Just do your thing and let others fall if they want to. Put it this way. Do any of those performances affect the way the artist perform? No, then why should they affect the way we perform.
  3. So the DVD going to have animated versions of the cartoons that are in the book?
  4. I am utterly impressed, and I thoroughly look forward to this. Damn.
  5. Jeez...

    Looks like my credit card is gonna' take another bashing.

    A Chris Kenner DVD set...?


    I'm praying there's performances aplenty on there.

    Well...I'm not exactly praying or...well...? get the picture.

  6. Creeper: I haven't read through the whole of this thread, but I see you are not happy with the release as you think it was de-value the book. Take a look at The Royal Road to Card Magic, or, The Bible as many magicians seem to call it. This book has been released on TWO sets of DVDs in the past and is still up there as the number one buy for a new magician. Also, The Expert at the Card Table has been released twice in DVD format, and was greeted with open arms.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying TOOC can even be compared to the Royal Road, but if people want to be lazy and have someone else show them step by step exactly how to do everything, blindly following the screen leaving them with the same creative thought as a small peanut, then let it be... see what I mean?
  7. Imagine how much more awesome this would be if it was like a 3 DVD set of totally original material.
  8. Well it is original material:rolleyes:
  9. lol technically he's right ElisG, it's all original :p If you meant unpublished... Nieh, I'm just as happy as this to be honest. Rabid makes a very good point though - live performances would be amazing.
  10. Personally, I really like seeing how tricks evolve. For instance, I saw the 1-on-1 performance of 5-Speed and liked it a lot better than the original handling (in which the last card turns into a joker instead of a selection). The thing is, though, I know how the trick works since I already own the book, so I wasn't about to pay for a trick I already knew. So if the DVD will simply consist of simple changes like the one fore mentioned, I may pass. But if there are some real significant changes in the handling, then it ma be worth my time. So for now, I'll play the waiting game...
  11. The waiting game sucks, let's play Hungy-Hungry Hippos! :D

    - Sean
  12. I'll have you know that I am a retired Hungry Hungry Hippos professional. Prepare to starve.
  13. You know what I mean...
  14. Hmm, a lot of people seem to be worried about retarded little kids posting stuff on youtube... I used to be seriously pissed by this too.. then I actually thought about it...
    Lets look at it like this.... Someone who is actually good at magic, performs 5 speed.. The spectator wants to learn it on youtube.... how the hell is he going to know to look up 5 speed, unless the magician says the name of the trick (which they shouldn't...) Instead he types "five cards where one card changes to your card secret." What is gonna come up.. not 5 speed. NOW.. a magician wants to see if kids are doing 5 speed badly or revealing it... so he looks up 5 speed and yeah blah blah blah.... releasing TOOC on DVD will not hurt things, only spread the tricks through the magic community...

    See normal people who aren't into magic wont even look it up... magicians or wanna be magicians look it up on youtube.... If you find out someone is seriously ruining the magic community through youtube... we should trace his IP address and deal with it like old times....
  15. More information in the coming weeks? It's been a month JB, some people have already forgotten.
  16. Come on then guys, whats the news?
  17. I am 96.78354% positive you are joking.:p If not, you can view the news which was an earlier post here. ;)

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