theory11 - THE PINKY COUNT with Jason England : Now Available

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, May 28, 2010.

  1. my tip is if you want to learn it then get it right away... im sure the pinky count will be ok just remember it will take some time to master so get started!
  2. Stop. Stop right now.

    Do yourself a favor, do not buy anything online that isn't a book for a loooong while.

    Go buy royal road to card magic (can be $5 on amazon). There is sooo much stuff in this book, and tricks that you will do for a long while.

    Here's a good link:

    You can buy used ones for as little as 5 bucks!

    Just a quick riffle through the table of contents i count about 15 sleights (shuffling, backslips, double lifts, palms, passes, glides...) and so many tricks. The first chapter alone has 8 tricks...

    Any magician worth his salt would recommend this book to a beginner.

    Good luck
  3. No mate, in person.. I've performed for celebrities before. Just like regular people.
  4. yeah i was just kidding, no harm intended. And thats really cool, i wish i was in a more populated area, but i guess that will have to wait until after college.
  5. I actually got this 2 weeks after getting into card magic, I picked it up from waterstones for £8 Ive read throuhg the book and know the basic sleights used.
  6. Ahh, alright. If you're profficient in the basic sleights there, you might want to pick up Expert Card Technique (also relatively cheap). Whole bunch more sleights and tricks, but a bit of a harder read imo.
  7. What is the deck Jason uses?

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