theory11 update : White Centurions + A Confession

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. Pretty cool :) Let's see if I can't get frustrated tomorrow. :D

    - Sean
  2. is that today or next week
  3. prices.. hehe.
  4. Can't wait for the release window for the white Centurions, as well as the little something else. Should be fun, interesting, and breathtaking. ;)
    That would be this Friday, the 15th of August, at 11:00pm EST.

  5. Good thinking JB, as soon as you talked about something new you didn't have to buy I (and I guess everyone) thought of the wire.

    Can't wait to see the new 1 on 1s, and for everyone who'll be getting the White Centurion have fun (aka lucky) I won't be able to participate in the window.

  6. Johnny...

    I hate you so much.
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    With all the interest in the White Centurions why not just start the presses?

    That way everyone could enjoy their beauty. As quick as they our going to sell are chances of getting them are very slim.
  8. sorry, i'm losing track of days.
  9. so it is not the wire.

    when are you going to release it.

    actually I just figured out that he didn't say it was the wire because it would cause alot of new threads.
    who else thinks he is tricking us.
  10. Not me. If it was the Wire he would not have even mentioned it. Plus, he said it wasnt to stop all the out of control speculation and useless threads that would be created.
  11. I can 1000000% assure everyone that it is NOT the Wire.

    It is something very unique and different that won't cost you a cent. You can quote me on that.

  12. Only 100?! This is horrible.. I must be quick with my order, I suppose..
  13. Ok, someone from Sydney area please clarify, 11PM Friday EST is 1PM over here on Saturday? I just did a time zone conversion and it said it should be just past 11PM now, but according to the post, it's just past midnight now EST... Can anyone clarify what the time is currently EST also? Thanks...
  14. It's 12:22
  15. Alright sweet thanks a lot
  16. Cool, Friday should be least to see the extra something
  17. Don't worry if you don't get the white Centurions on Friday.. t11 will eventually release them.
  18. theyre just ghost's to me...

    no point fighting and crying over a deck of cards, im happy with whatever is in my hand...
  19. I actually plan on trying for this. I missed out on the Wynns and I think the black centurions are quite aesthetically displeasing (hahah that was way out of my vocabulary's range). The whites look FANTASTIC.
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