Thoughts on Palming Fundamentals by Jason England

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  1. Thought I'd post my thoughts on this video. I've been studying card palming for quite some time now, but with all of the different methods, steals, replacements, positions, angles, mechanics, etc., I've had some trouble honing in on a good set of palming techniques to use on a regular basis.

    Enter Jason England and Palming Fundamentals. England teaches three effective methods--two top palms and one bottom palm. The descriptions are lucid, well-articulated, and effective. It had given me a much more beaten path to follow in terms of getting good solid technique down.

    England does not go into the different ways to cover the actions of palming so much, nor does he go too in-depth into palm replacements, which would have been nice.

    In terms of straight-laced mechanics, England gets it down cold--he shows you how to (in theory) perfectly transfer a card or group of cards from the deck to the hand. In terms of applications and psychology, one is kind of left in the dark to fend for him- or herself, which has both good and bad points to it. Bottom line, if you were like me and were at a loss of what to do when it came to palming (and unlike me, you're too chicken to use a cop) then pick this up. Just be ready to hit the ground running when it comes to actually using this on real people.
  2. Sounds like another great 1 on 1. Might pick this up in the future. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Most certainly.

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