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  1. Hi everyone!

    There's an effect I've been performing for almost 10 years that I created and have been thinking about releasing/selling for some time now. I would like your thoughts on this, if this is something that would be good to release (or if there's something already out there like this).

    Note: This is not a Triumph effect nor is it similar in the manner that the effect is achieved.

    The effect info is below:

    Effect: Spectator freely chooses any card, signs it and returns it to the deck. Deck is placed back inside the box and when the deck of cards is taken out (by the spectator), their card is the only one that is turned over.

    The card can be signed, the deck can be placed inside the box by the spectator, no gimmicks, switches and completely impromptu. Any skill level of magician will be able to perform this trick. You can even have multiple spectators choose and sign different cards at the same time.

  2. My first thought is that this uses the method for Mark Wilson’s Automatic Card Discovery and a box. It sounds like a great effect but if I’m right about the method, it probably isn’t marketable.
  3. I haven't seen Mark Wilson's Automatic Card Discovery effect before, until you mentioned it. After watching it, at it's simplest form, both effect are essentially the same, with slight variations. My handling is different, and the revealing of the card is different, but same effect nonetheless. Not surprised that this has already been done, but a shame it probably won't be marketable.

    In this case, would it still be considered okay to release the trick for free in the marketplace, but doing it with my methods and crediting the appropriate parties?
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  4. I think it should be alright as long as the methods are different enough as well as the presentation. You mentioned giving proper crediting which helps a lot too. I'd say go for it and see if the reviewers on T11's Marketplace like it.
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  5. If you are putting something out that's very similar to another product, it's best to get in touch with the person who created the other product and ask if they mind.
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  6. I didn't know that there was videos of Mark Wilson until I saw your post. I was just going from his book "Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic."

    Mark Wilson doesn't provide any attribution in his book for this or any other effects that he teaches. I can trace the handling as far back as 1909 in T. Nelson Downs "The Art of Magic" on p. 46 where it is listed as The Reversed Card. Again, there is no attribution there either. It would be hard to ask T. Nelson Downs for permission because he died in 1938. ;) Nonetheless, I suspect the idea is much older than that and is considered public domain.

    Without knowing how different your handling is, it is difficult to say whether this is suitable for the marketplace. If you use a reversed card in the same manner, but your handling and reveal are a lot different it might be able to be sold for a minimal price on the marketplace. However, if you are using that method, I think people would be a bit disappointed since they probably already have learned that (but then again... there are lots of people who don't learn the fundamentals).
  7. I know a guy ....

    I see your point, though.
  8. So I went ahead and read the effects in both books, so I can better understand the similarities. Essentially the only part that is different from mine to theirs is the one card turnover portion. I just do it in a different way, as opposed to how it's done in "The Art of Magic" and the way Mark Wilson does it. Other than that, it's the same effect, with a box.

    I appreciate the feedback and information, it was very helpful!

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