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  1. So for a school project of mine i have to create a Design with a need and my idea was a throwing card training aid. The idea is that you have a standard deck however instead of playing cards labels (e.g 4 of spades, 6 of diamonds), it would have diagrams of where to hold the card and how to throw them. There would be different variations eg being left vs right handed, different grip positions/techniques/styles. These cards would be made of a stronger material than regular throwing cards so they would last longer then normal cards but be the same dimensions so there wont be a major difference between both cards.
  2. So, you've got to beat what is currently on the market. Right now Ricky Jay (the past world record holder for distance) has a book about using cards as weapons, Ricky Smith Jr. (the current record holder for distance) has a few products as does Jeff Mcbride (the record holder for speed).

    If you can create a product better than what these guys already have out there than go for it.
  3. But I thought he was designing a deck of cards specifically for card throwing? Also it's for a school project lol. I don't think he needs to have a perfectly marketable product.
  4. There's not a lot out there but there are products designed and used by influential guys (like how you mentioned Banshees, they are heavily connected to Ricky Smith Jr.) I think between the two of us we have covered the gambit of what is available for card throwing. It's not a long list and I hope that those resources we named can help out.

    I took the poll to mean that he meant to market it. I think it's an awesome school project and I think that he could make a superior product. I hope that he looks at what is out there and can make something better or different.

    Best of luck @Daydawn
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  5. Ok gotchya. I think if the product is original enough, it would make for a cool addition to the market.

    Please tell me that pun was intended :D
  6. I agree :)

    Haha, nope but I love Gambit and his throwing card skills!
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  7. its just for a school project, basically i just need to create a design that is marketable (but dosent actually have too), thanks for all the help though.
  8. Good luck!

    Oh and,
    They just announced the movie. The coincidences continue!!!

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