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    I've got this god damn annoying problem. I can't get my basic thumb fan even near so big as i would like to. Any tips on how to get it bigger? I mean that I'd like it to be something like genesis ad has on the frontpage of :S Please post some tips, I've tried almost everything. Thanks.


    I think this thread should have been posted to the card magic section and not to this cardistry/flourishing but anyhow.. if an admin could transfer it.. it would be great :)
  2. Thumb fans are cardistry.

    Monitor the language. I think that's outside the standards.

    I'd keep practicing.

  3. bringing the deck further out on the fingers in starting position has helped me in these regards.
  4. farther out on to the finger tips, and spread them a part a bit more as you fan through.

    practice practice practice. i learned it decently in august. still practicing it on the regular. lookin pretty decent now.

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