Tivo 2.0 and Jones Change

I think the proper place for this would be the card magic forum but heres my thoughts anyways.

You're tivo is fine just work on the Double. It should look more natural. Compare how you turn over one card to how you turn two.

You're Jones Change is solid from what I can see, I don't do that particular change so don't take my word for it.
Nov 29, 2007
I think both were good. On Tivo 2.0 you kind of jerked the deck up when you did it so it didn't look as natural. The double lift looked kind of funny too. The Jones change was great. I can't do it near that well. The only thing was your camera wasn't centered and it was kind of hard to see it all. But over all great job keep it up.
Sep 1, 2007
Tivo sucked. And I only watched about 5 seconds of the video. i immediatly turned it off because there was NO damn patter. I'm sick of supid youtube videos of tricks with heavy metal music without the patter. I'm off to write a little something about this subject. Watch for it in the general section.
hmmm.... if switchfoot is your deff. of heavy metal....your going to need some education on your music genres. And please don't say it sucked unless you have watched the whole thing ;)...
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