Tivo Transpo

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by TheCuso, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. This thread is to talk about this effect.
    Here is my performance. I hope you like it. Tivo Transpo
  2. I like it. Though I prefer doing TiVo 2.0.

    P.S: Your performance is good!

  3. I liked the performance very much. I loved the misdirection at the though. If I was a spectator would have had me fooled.
  4. Personally i prefer tivo transpo rather than tivo 2.0 , tivo 2.0 is ok but you have to be careful with the angles. anyways here is my performance of tivo transpo also :)
  5. The angles in both Tivo's are pretty much identical, since they require the same cover in the change for Tivo 2.0, and the Bluff Shift for Tivo Transpo. All-in-all, they're almost alike, and they are covered for about the same amount of time. :)

    @ The Cuso, good performance there buddy, keep it up.

  6. Well done guys nice performances.

    What i like to see! Well practise moves, Keep up the good work.

    The Dude
  7. I love your work The Cuso, You have some great stuff.
  8. Very nice, The Cuso. I have nothing to comment on.

    Keep it up =)
  9. When you guys do the change..(cant remember its name) at the end when you flip the cards on to the deck. How do you do that because it does not look the same as the Buck Twins teach it in the Trilogy?
    You guys bend up while they bend down?
  10. The change my spanish friend performed here is the Duck Change by Hiro Sakai. Dan does the Superflip change by Ben Harris when performing Tivo Transpo on the Trilogy. But you are lucky, the Duck Change is taught under déjà vu on the Trilogy disc 1.
  11. Thank you very much my friend.
    Ooh FYI im from Sweden:D
  12. chris was talking about me! you are not his friend, and you'll never be! :p

    just kidding.

    thanks for the comments guys!
  13. The one in the Trilogy is the superflip TheCuso does a duck change which is different im not sure about anyone else.

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